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New insights in the Ukrainian live broadcasts: COSMONOVA|NET

In the XXI century, live broadcasts are a strategic art of creating target audience for one’s own event covered live. Spectators almost from any location will not only plunge into the atmosphere, but also join easily in the moderation of their participation ...

Future and origins of IPTV technology in Ukraine. COSMONOVA|NET reveals the secrets of successful TV channels broadcasting.

How do the images we are so keen to watch at home get to our TV screens? How do television channels manage to keep in touch with their viewers and expand the audience of targeted broadcasting in Ukraine and far ...

Leasing Cloud Playout for TV Channels

Playout is a software solution that allows the TV channel to play its content on the air (including ad units, breaks, graphic elements, etc.). It is difficult to imagine a TV channel operating without this solution.Previously, the playout solution was ...

Benefits of Transmitting TV Signal Over an IP Protocol

The technology of transmitting a TV signal over IP protocol has been around for a long time, but now this service helps TV channels - content producers – reduce the cost of broadcasting, and operators -- broadcast distributors to reduce ...

Q&A: Cosmonova's Telecommunication Services

Cosmonova company in Kyiv provides quality telecommunication services for corporate clients. We are specializing in high-speed internet connection, organizing corporate networks for fast and secure data transmission, as well as setting up virtual phone systems.Our company was the first to ...

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