COSMONOVA|NET was established in 2004 today and has been successfully implementing the latest IT&T management technologies striving to uphold the highest international corporate standards! The company is an intellectual organization that is constantly evolving through the use of strategic planning and quality management!
COSMONOVA|NET is a reliable IT partner that creates the most favorable conditions for the stable growth of your business in Ukraine and Europe! Our team offers only the best and well balanced turn-key solutions on a basis and has a clear understanding of what results to achieve and how!
The goal of our company is to fully assist businesses in maximizing profits through the introduction of advanced telecommunication solutions in Ukraine and Europe.
By offering our customers and partners the best possible IT solutions, we ourselves are developing as rapidly as they do.
We are open to all the latest advances in scientific and technological progress that will enable us to create powerful solutions and tools to maximize the efficiency of your business!
By providing our customers with the most rigorous solutions, no matter how technically complex they are, our goal is, above all, to help save time, efforts and money thanks to the focus on intellectual approach.
The higher the needs of our partners, the higher the desired level of personal development of each and every COSMONOVA|NET employee.
We have sufficient knowledge and experience to carry out technical evaluation and provide comprehensive IT&T services and solutions tailored specifically to your needs!
Taras Kozachuk
COSMONOVA|NET Chief Technology Officer
Development, intellectualization, assistance, security and efficiency in IT field! Our customers’ reputation and trust deserves the most! ©
Benefits of Working with COSMONOVA|NET!
19 years of experience in IT and Telecommunications market
Owned city fiber optic network of over 500 km
4 server rooms and 3 cloud platforms
Leading solutions for TV industry
50 qualified technical experts and in-house team of developers
Evaluation of IT and Telecommunications solutions
Thousands of satisfied customers
What makes us stand out
Analysis of customer’s task / issue
Optimal solution / complex solution
Permanent customer support / case management
Partners & Customers
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