COSMONOVA|NET accomplished interactive video conferencing during pre-premiere show of Me, You, He, She by 1+1 MEDIA and Just Sex, Nothing Personal by STAR MEDIA.

STAR MEDIA and 1+1 MEDIA contacted COSMONOVA|NET for an efficient implementation of the teleconference: two-way audio and video communications between two distant sites with the use of television technology and high-speed data transfer channel.

On December 17, 2018, in Kyiv Oskar (Gulliver Shopping Mall) and Cinema Citi (Ocean Plaza Shopping Mall) there was a special event dedicated to the pre-premiere show of at once two comedies of the well-known Ukrainian makers. At the same time on each of the sites key persons of the event Sergey Pritula and Vladimir Zelenskiy, as well as main participants of this occasion could have a talk and exchange friendly banter with each other as if they were in one studio.

To ensure teleconference project, COSMONOVA|NET experts carried out a number of technical arrangements:

  • they prepared dedicated telecommunications channels at each site as soon as practically possible;
  • IPTV engineers prepared hardware and software systems for grabbing and transmitting HD-SDI signal with sound embedded;
  • they ensured signal transmission and reception on the customer's video switchers in digital standard optimally suitable for the professional TV equipment (that in turn made it possible for the media group technicians to operate with signals from across Kyiv at ease).

We’d like to point out that COSMONOVA|NET experts use self-engineered products for decoding stream from IP to HD-SDI.

The organizers mention that this project became the first-ever teleconference in the history of Ukrainian film industry, held as an unforgettable performance, simultaneously between several film-maker teams.

The case has been successfully fulfilled.

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