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Strategic Service – IPTV from COSMONOVA|NET, Ukraine’s IT Leader and Technological Solutions Expert!

More than 160 national and world operators, an ever-growing number of modern TV channels in own TV platform, and all-Ukrainian recognition as the "Media Solution of the Year" for leadership among companies providing land based TV signal delivery from Telecom ...

Timely Backup - Modern Trend of Strategic Data Protection! COSMONOVA | NET

In early 2018, the Ukrainian media talked about the possibility of large-scale cyberattacks, similar to the now famous malware Petya, which will continue to test the Ukrainian economy, and firewalls of national enterprises. In 2017, losses from cyberattacks reached 10 ...

Merry Christmas!


COSMONOVA|NET offers a high-quality solution for the DTP.KIEV.UA

 DTP.KIEV.UA covers accidents and other events on Ukrainian roads and promotes animal protection charity programs!If you are not of the faint-hearted kind, this resource has a lot to offer!COSMONOVA|NETHIGHLOAD Social Platforms!

1,000 gifts in 30 days! COSMONOVA|NET reports on the results of the joint charitable project with Tvoia Opora foundation!

On November 20, 2017, Tvoia Opora (Your Support) Charitable Foundation together with Masha Yefrosynina, COSMONOVA|NET, Kolo.Tb partners and Nova Poshta announced the launch of the project to collect and send 1,000 holiday gifts to orphans and children who require individual ...

Technical support for the live broadcast of the "Biathlon World Cup 2017/2018" is carried out by the leading professionals of COSMONOVA|NET

Three simultaneous HD-sdi signals from the National Public Television and Radio Company of Ukraine, transcoding in three qualities for each stream, overlaying the logo and successful distribution through COSMONOVA|NET Content Delivery Network (CDN) allowed hundreds of thousands winter sports fans ...

Data Center. Lead-in.

Data Center is a specialized building, which houses the server hardware and infrastructure, providing its subscribers the reliable connection to the Internet channels. In simple words, data center is a specific area where the companies` servers are physically housed. This ...

How To Choose Reliable Data Ceter

Modern data-center [DPC, data processing center]must meet the highest requirements to ensure continuity of your business operations at the appropriate level. It has been long understood by large business enterprises in telecom because for them such factors as high level of ...

Future and origins of IPTV technology in Ukraine. COSMONOVA|NET reveals the secrets of successful TV channels broadcasting.

How do the images we are so keen to watch at home get to our TV screens? How do television channels manage to keep in touch with their viewers and expand the audience of targeted broadcasting in Ukraine and far ...

4th Yalta European Strategy a Success Thanks to Online Broadcast by COSMONOVA|NET! Photos from the Event

This year, Yalta European Strategy’s main issue of discussion was: "Has the world changed and what does it mean for Ukraine?”. Over 350 leading politicians, diplomats, businessmen, public figures and renowned experts from 34 countries in partnership with the Viktor ...

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