Online broadcast of events set up
- video meetings
- conferences with large number of attendees
- fee-based/free authorization
- off-air recording
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Do not put off your event

  • Hold an event for any audience size
  • Additional monetization of the event
  • Increase the loyalty of sponsors and partners
  • Elevate the scale of the event

Our Area of Expertise

  • Teleconferences and Q&A Sessions
  • Festivals
  • Presentations
  • Sports Events

Organization of online broadcasts

  • №1
    Adaptive stream for different platforms
  • №2
    Multi bitrate
    automatic selection of video quality for each user
  • №3
    Restricting broadcast areas
  • №4
    Ability to display advertisement
  • №5
    Statistics collection
  • №6
    Ability to charge for broadcast access
  • №7
  • №8
    Overlaying of graphics, titles, logo, etc.
  • №9

Filming Technical Capacities

  • Unlimited number of cameras
  • Video capture from the projector
  • Full HD video
  • Parallel video feed to projectors in the hall

Advertising Module for Broadcast

Additional tool for monetizing the event

Cosmonova online player has the functionality that allows you to additionally monetize the broadcast of the event by displaying ad blocks for online audience. Before the start of an online broadcast, users see commercials with the ability to skip their display after a mandatory viewing time. This will attract additional advertisers aimed at online audience and increase the loyalty of sponsors and partners.

Main features of the advertising module

  • Setting an arbitrary mandatory viewing time
  • Collection of analytical data and view statistics
  • Web interface for uploading videos and display managing
  • Ability to insert pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll

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*By filling this form you consent to the processing of personal data.
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