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Telecommunications for HoReCa market is a scope of services to increase personnel efficiency by automating processes like ordering, reporting or service desk and to enrich guests experience by providing interactive entertainment and instant Internet availability.

Now we have the following portfolio of services available:

For cafes, bars and restaurants:

Complex Internet Telephone & Data service for standalone establishments as well as secure corporate network & corporate PBX for chains.

Wi-Fi for clients’ wireless Internet access.

Range of fashion television channels in high definition (HD), cleared for public screening in HoReCa.

Corporate broadcasting channel for additional establishment promotion and in-house advertisement.

Videosurveillance for integration with applications, such as POS.


For hotels:

Complex of measures for deployment of full range of hotel’s in-room telecommunication services: network and service core design and construction, equipment installation, paid services design and billing software development.

Wi-Fi roaming network for seamless network access: Internet access for guests, Intranet applications and data for personnel.

  • TV channel listing;
  • Pay-per-View and Video-on-Demand solutions;
  • VOD library;
  • content acquisition.

Administrator training for further operations.

Further technical support & maintenance.

Videosurveillance for integration with applications, such as POS.

Our advantages:

Полный комплекс решений из одних рук.

Single source complete solution.

Competitive pricing.

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