2022 was a year of invincibility, faith in victory and struggle to maintain network continuity.

We had ambitious plans in all areas for 2022. The year was supposed to be a year of growth and implementation of large-scale projects with a lot of preparation having gone into it but on February 24, 2022, a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into the territory of Ukraine began, which changed our plans.

We have not stopped work for a moment since the beginning of the invasion. Some joined the armed forces to defend our country, some worked remotely, some left their city or country. Some worked from a bomb shelter, and some would stay at the office for several days to maintain the network and ensure the operation of the data center. Throughout the year, our employees connected new customers, as well as provided Internet connection to the military. We became one of the first providers who started connecting bomb shelters, and over time along with other providers joined the city project "Installing the Internet in shelters" that was implemented by the Department of Information and Communication Technologies of the Kyiv City State Administration. By the end of 2022, more than 125 shelters located in business centers and residential complexes have been connected to the Internet.

In the summer, cooperation with Ajax Systems began, and currently COSMONOVA|NET is an official distributor and installer of Ajax security systems.

The DC|COSMONOVA data center has shown endurance and stability - our customers did not experience blackouts, and after the attack on the Ukraine’s energy infrastructure we only lacked power for 32 hours in November, and 18 hours in December with our technical experts and powerful generators ensuring access through it all.

Despite the state of things, we never for a moment stopped caring about the quality and reliability of services, and in the fall, we conducted an NPS study and received the highest indicator in the B2C direction for the entire measurement period. The level of satisfaction with the Internet provision from Kolo.TV increased by 14% and amounted to 74.9% with the NPS B2B indicator being 69.1%.

In November, we launched the "Continuity" project aimed at uninterrupted operation of the network amid rolling and emergency shutdowns. Since the beginning of the project, we have started to change the batteries at the sites - intermediate nodes, towork with the owners of business centers to ensure additional power supply for our equipment with generators belonging to the business centers or our customers at the locations. We have replaces batteries on all base nodes and our service crews replacing discharged batteries whenever needed, 24/7. The most critical nodes are reserved using CWDM technology - direct fiber from our core - which allows the operation of critical and core sites to continue without power to the switch. We continue replacing switches with modernize ones that have an uninterrupted power sources in business centers and residential complexes.

COSMONOVA|NET took part in setting up Internet communication for "Points of Invincibility" in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Communications" and the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of November 26m 2022 No. 802/2022 "On providing electronic communication services under martial law".

We have formulated a plan, which we are actively using to ensure and the operability of the network in the current conditions and provide communication services for our customers. We will not stop and we will continue to provide reliable, high-quality services for our customers.

We believe in victory!


2021 was a Year of Great Construction and Great Customer Service.

In just a year we built over 108 km of fiber optic network!

We connected 50 new business centers with a capacity of 600 office spaces. 800 new companies have become our B2B clients.

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) of our B2B grew from 16.7% in 2020 to 72.7% in 2021. We have also successfully implemented the Agent Network Development Project.

In 2021, COSMONOVA|NET reached a new level of growth! We are now present in the Western Ukraine in the city of Lviv where we provide our services in the LvivTech.City innovation town.

Our B2C direction saw an access increase by 135 new Housing Complexes with a capacity of 25,000 households. The growth of new customers in 2021 constituted 5,000 households.

The NPS constituted 64.6%, up 7.8% from 2020. As part of a strategic initiative to improve the service, we launched a KOLO.TV multifunctional bot for our subscribers and updated the KOLO.TV website in order to provide high-quality service for our B2C subscribers.

In 2021 the DC|COSMONOVA data center 1st module was in the 4th server room was filled and the 3rd module for 12 server cabinets was launched. We saw an increase of 160 new counterparties. Our technical department has mastered the latest PON technology which enabled us to build 8 sections of the network, that is 92 buildings! In the course of the past year, our technical experts conducted a study, developed a plan, and carried out all the tests necessary for the implementation of a new network core, code-named BRAS. The new network core will ensure high network security, high service manageability, and substantial savings in terms of IP addresses.

2020 was a year of transformation.

In 2020, the company's board made a decision to launch transformational processes and restart the business.

We hired GLUBINA consulting experts with the goal of focusing the team on strategic priorities, strengthening the team, building business processes and implementing the business strategy.

In total, we have built 120 km of the network over the past year, which enabled us to increase our B2C by 181 buildings and 3,600 new households.

In terms of B2B we connected 55 Business Centers and the increase in clients amounted to 615 companies. As a result of establishing and optimizing processes, we increased our SLA from 99.88% to 99.92%. We also moved up the average connection term from 35 to 24 hours and taken the connection and repair works to a new level through developing new standards.

We introduced Net promoter score (NPS) in the B2C field and increased the indicator by 4.6% from 48.3% to 52.9% through the implementation of clear business processes and improved service.

In the year of painstaking work on our services, the COSMONOVA team connect 22% more subscribers compared to 2019 and the average check grew by more than 10 UAH. The company's revenue grew by 26%.

To maximize the involvement of our employees, COSMONOVA’s management has raised the projections by a third since April, which resulted in sales increase in the Q4.

In 2020, we began to actively fill the 4th hermetic zone of the DC|COSMONOVA data center.


The COSMONOVA | NET service provider’s present in Kyiv business centers constituted 80%. We rebooted and re-equipped the FOCL construction department to enable the network construction on a larger scale and built over 90 installations. We also developed and launched an OTT platform for the KIVI TV brand and introduced a new product - COSMO PLAYOUT. The PLAYOUT is a SaaS solution for launching and operating a TV channel.

In 2019, we implemented the delivery of a signal to IP for the election debates of presidential candidates of Ukraine, for several customers simultaneously. We have handled a number of online broadcasts including FIFA U-20 World Cup 2019 in Poland in HD, as well as the 3rd Ukrainian Lunch in Munich for the second time. COSMONOVA has been trusted with live broadcasts of unique nationwide and industry events for over 10 years. COSMONOVA | NET’s projects are the embodiment of our proprietary developments and rationalization maximum of our leading engineers. COSMONOVA|NET is the leader in organizing high-quality online broadcasts in Ukraine.

This year, the company became a Microsoft SPLA Partner which allows us to license Microsoft products and utilize them to provide comprehensive services to our customers based on monthly calculations.

COSMONOVA is an active participant of specialized events which helps promote its brand and services both in Ukraine and abroad.


In 2018 COSMONOVA|NET accomplished a number of the nationwide technological breakthroughs under First-Ever in Ukraine slogan, launched the fourth queue of DC|COSMONOVA Data Center, took part in the milestone events in the digital industry, as well as enlarged its own experience with the best practices of the global giants having visited branch-specific occasions in the Netherlands and the USA.

In 2018 COSMONOVA|NET obtained a favorable opinion for the examination of CISS of secure internet access node from the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. Since 2018 DC|COSMONOVA has been the first data center in Ukraine that offers its clients current international practices of cyber risk insurance.

As is customary, let’s reckon live broadcast cases among the top-rated events, these include: official live broadcast of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang, strategic broadcast of the 2nd Munich Ukrainian Lunch with participation of chief officers of the world’s political establishments. It is for the first time in Ukraine that farewell, participation and return of the Paralympic national team of Ukraine were successfully broadcast live in 2018. The company also delighted online sports communities with a live broadcast of the European Athletics Championship as part of cooperation with TV Channel UA:FIRST, as well as broadcast of the triumphant UEFA Youth League match between Dynamo and Septemvri on the official Dynamo website.

COSMONOVA|NET is an official technical partner of 2018 Eurovision live broadcast in Ukraine, technical partner and organizer of live broadcast of the Yalta European Strategy Forum Events.

Potential and engineering experience of the company’s experts naturally complemented professional cases: broadcast of the Ukrainian version of 2018 Eurovision Song Contest in Full HD with stereo sound (first in Ukraine) on the TV Channel UA:FIRST, and for that COSMONOVA|NET has twice received a prestigious Telecom Awards Ukrainian award. In this season B2B leader also carried out technical support during broadcasting of a solemn Ukrainian Armed Forces Parade to mark the Independence Day.

(Other landmark events: maintaining broadcast of the Ukrainian version of the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in HD quality with stereo sound, broadcast of the 2018/19 Biathlon World Cup in HD quality within the framework of cooperation with the National Public Broadcasting Company of Ukraine.)

We’d like to point out active involvement of the company in the work of 2018 IT Infrastructure, Cloud & Security Summit in the capacity of an official data center, technical partner and event attendee. Let us also emphasize successful participation of the company’s specialists at the stand of the XXIV International TV and Radio Fair, participation of COSMONOVA|NET in the IBC European technology forum and exhibition events in Amsterdam. In 2018 DC|COSMONOVA Data Center met key partners and friends at the stand of BIT International Forum in Odessa and Kyiv. The Third All-Ukrainian Hotel Forum also found an official technical partner and interesting speaker in COSMONOVA|NET. It is worthy of special mention for the corporate researchers that COSMONOVA|NET research delegation visited 2018 SMPTE Annual Technical Conference & Exhibition in Los Angeles.

In 2018 COSMONOVA|NET is an official partner distributing 1+1 Media TV channels over IP.

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian film industry, COSMONOVA|NET IPTV engineers arranged the interactive video conferencing during pre-premiere show of the comedies. They successfully implemented technical performance of private presentation of Me, You, He, She by 1+1 MEDIA and Just Sex, Nothing Personal by STAR MEDIA - simultaneously between several production teams, at the different sites in Kyiv.

Among sports achievements of COSMONOVA|NET athletic team in 2018, there are participation in Kyiv Euro Marathon, Be More Human trial organized by Reebok, Kyivska Sotka bike marathon, overcoming the distance with 25 hurdles in the RACE NATION extreme race.

Speaking about the projects relating to social responsibility and technical sponsorship, we may mention the VIII All-Ukrainian Competition for the Best Ukrainian Educational Institution Website where COSMONOVA|NET was both contestant and sponsor. This year, as previously on repeated occasions, the company was an official internet provider and technical sponsor of the international youth sports events - Ukrainian International Cup. In 2018 experts traditionally provided technical support for the Your Support Charity Fund Initiative intended to collect New Year’s gifts for 2000 foster children at the orphan homes.


A year of stability and growth in a number of key areas! New TV channels on our own TV platform, more than 140 Ukrainian and international operators in partners portfolio, and of course the new fruits of the strategic cooperation of COSMONOVA|NET and a number of well-known brands. You can learn more about them in our News Blog, Projects section and our official Facebook page.

Particular emphasis was placed on the online broadcast of events, which were professionally executed by the company's leading professionals. These included "IT business in a cultural environment. Dialogue between business and government" conference held in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Days of Electronic Communications (DEC) held in Odessa, the official online broadcast of the events of the "Eurovision 2017" international contest in Kyiv, as well as the "Junior Eurovision 2017" that kicked off in Tbilisi. COSMONOVA|NET also successfully executed the online broadcast of the "Biathlon World Cup 2017/2018" as well as a landmark global event - "Yalta International Strategy" YES 2017!

In addition to a number of other key events in the life of the IT leader, we are proud of COSMONOVA|NET’s all-Ukrainian recognition for "The Media Solution of the Year" from "Telecom Awards 2017" within the well-known professional event of "Telecom Ukraine", held in Odessa last summer.

To top it all, key customers of COSMONOVA|NET are looking forward to the imminent launch of the new fourth line of the modern data center in the PROTASOV business park, which will allow the company to significantly expand its technical capabilities, attracting new ones, and strengthening the professional positions of the existing partners of the IT leader!

We look forward to hearing your ideas and seeing you at the following address - Kyiv, 2/1 Mykoly Hrynchenka st.


The TV and Video Processing has been completely rethought. We have identified two separate areas: for TV channels (content producers) and carriers/operators (distributors of airtime). Separate portfolios of services with consideration to specific features have been developed for each group of customers. The total growth of our customers for these services (TV channels / carriers) amounted to about 300% in 2016. Our customers are not only in Ukraine but also in other countries: Germany, USA, Israel, Canada, Egypt, Poland, Kazakhstan, Sweden, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Lithuania and others. 

A department for building fiber optic lines has been created; a permit for hazardous work has been obtained; we created 38 km of fiber-optic network; 71 new buildings have been hooked up. In 2016, we launched 6 new products and expanded the functionality of all of our services by 20%.


In addition to the cloud platform in Kyiv data-center, a new cloud platform working on IBM equipment is launched in TIER 4 data-center in Germany. To enhance security Cosmonova cloud is transferred to ceph file system. To sum up, the total amount of calculations in our cloud grows by 7 times.
Cosmonova begins to deliver TV-signal by land — the method that allows to reduce costs significantly compared to satellite transmission. The company provides this service to several leading TV channels.


A new service of virtualization, based IBM platform, is successfully launched. This solution has considerably expanded our customers` opportunities and has developed certain advantages through the services, which allow us to provide our the most demanding customers with reliable cloud services.
The new service from Cosmonova is launched - virtual VDS / VPS hosting on our own technical platform of premium-class European Data Center. Cloud clusters on the foreign platform are implemented only on DELL and IBM equipment. The prime advantages of accommodation in European data center are: the absence of censorship, privacy and security of your information accommodation, geographical distance of IT infrastructure.


We introduce a new Data center with an area of 80 м². It includes 3 hermetic zones with 35 cases for telecommunication equipment with access to the Internet and the possibility to organize data transmission channels with necessary to our customers bandwidth.


Cosmonova is honoured with Media & Sat Leaders 2012 Award as a branch pioneer in nomination "The first IPTV provider in Ukraine." Media & Sat Leaders is an award, instituted by the editorial team of MediaSat Journal, established from 2009 and is held annually as a part of the international exhibition EEBC. The main purpose of Media & Sat Leaders Award is to promote and develop satellite/сable and/terrestrial television in Ukraine.


Extreme Networks - manufactured edge router is put into commission. Its performance makes it possible to broaden the bandwidth to the foreign segment of the network to more than 20Gbit/s., and create an additional reserve to meet future customer`s needs.
Cosmonova provides a 10 Gb/s connection to DTEL-IX and becomes the 8th communication service provider, connected to DTEL-IX at 10 Gb/s (with the total number of participants equaled 40).
The second 10 Gb/s connection to the Ukrainian traffic exchange center on the basis of UA-IX in "New Telco" Data center (Gaidar st.) give us a possibility to increase the access rate to the Ukrainian network segment and ensures fault-tolerant connections with UA -IX.
Additionally, Dune HD players are adapted to work as an IPTV STB set-top boxes that gives our subscribers a possibility to reduce the number of devices used to just one. With that the device is able to satisfy all consumers wants as for voice and video content.


Cosmonova Co. earns the status of Local Internet Registry (LIR), which suggests ab independent in-process management of its own Internet resources. Also, from this moment we start providing our customers with the services of Autonomous Systems and IP addresses registrations.
In March 2010, the aggregate throughput of external channels of Internet provider Cosmonova exceeds 2 Gb/s.
Cosmonova puts into operation the first Extreme Networks Summit x650 Switch, designed to increase bandwidth of local network as well as for interlocking with operators and service providers at 10 Gbit/s rate.
Our specialists realized a technical on-line broadcasting of FIFA World Cup 2010, for ICTV company. Ukraine's first online broadcasting of such kind of international sport event was implemented by ICTV, the leader of Ukrainian prime-time television, and Cosmonova, a pioneer of IPTV technologies in Ukraine. The prospective viability of the selected media resource was confirming by its enormous popularity from the first seconds of broadcasting of the Championship.


We have completed interconnection with the public service telephone network as the final stage of fixed telephony service deployment.
Along with the rendering of the full range of telecommunication services and business solutions integration, our company starts to provide services to service providers and telecommunication operators.


We acquire great expertise in IP video processing: signal acquisition, processing and adaptation for various broadcasting IP networks environments. This turns into one of our key specialisation.
Gained experience and market reputation played for company success: the number of clients increased and the total length of network reached 50 km.


Our network covers all major business areas of the city of Kiev. This allowed a number of our clients to quickly consolidate the territorially divided branches into the unified protected corporate network.
The company enters into the phase of active development, implements a number of complex IT projects, including enterprise scale PBX for 300 internal subscribers.


Data based telecommunication services has become our key development strategy.
Inline with the chosen strategy, Cosmonova among the very first in Ukraine launches the IPTV head-end. The platform receives digital satellite signal (DVB-S) to encapsulate IPTV. We have built strong partnership relationships with foreign manufacturers of IPTV equipment. IPTV broadcasting is started in the test mode.
Same year Cosmonova introduces IP-video surveillance solutions with the implementation of the first large project.


Deployment of our first own fibre-optic network; the first landline covering right bank of the city of Kiev has been put in operation. The company starts to provide complex telecommunication services to business clients.


Development of web-applications. Focused on advanced Internet solutions, which allowed clients to actively promote their business over the Internet.

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