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  • Microsoft SPLA Partner,
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    Information Security Systems (ISS)
  • Presence in Main
    Internet Exchange Points
COSMONOVA|NET is a Ukrainian company founded in 2004. In the 19 years of operation on the Ukrainian market, we have become the leading universal provider of telecommunication services. With many years of experience and a reliable reputation, COSMONOVA|NET works in the B2B, SMB and B2C markets as KOLO.TB TM. More than 80% of business facilities in the city of Kyiv use our services. COSMONOVA|NET offers reliable and proven telecommunications solutions that fully meet the needs of modern enterprises. One of our key directions is providing Internet access for businesses in Kyiv and its region. We offer fast and stable connections using our own 700 km fiber optic network. Using advanced Ethernet and GPON technologies, we provide a quality connection for our customers. COSMONOVA|NET is present at traffic exchange points both domestically and internationally allowing us to provide reliable and fast connections. We have built parity communication channels with fifteen Ukrainian communication operators, and we also have five international operators in our partner pool. The total bandwidth of our communication channels is 220 Gbit/s. For the customers who exchange large amounts of data, we offer data transmission channels based on our own fiber optic infrastructure which provides improved security and transmission speed. If necessary, we can also utilize the networks of our partner operators. We are ready to provide your business with fast and reliable solutions in the field of telecommunications.
Contact COSMONOVA|NET and we will be happy to help you achieve your goals! To ensure network continuity, we additionally install LiFePo4 type batteries on the provider's equipment. They have proven to be reliable and durable in operation during long-term power outages. All backbone nodes in our network are reserved using CWDM technology and are directly connected to the core which allowsfor bypassing intermediate points. This ensures uninterrupted network operation even in the event of power or equipment issues at intermediate points.
COSMONOVA|NET has its own pool of direct Kyiv numbers and offers VoIP services at favorable rates. In addition to Internet access, we also provide VoIP as an additional service for our customers. DC|COSMONOVA Data Processing Center (DPC) commercial operation began in 2013. It currently includes four server rooms designated specifically for the placement of client servers and telecommunications, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.98% which is set in the SLA agreement. Our data center also received the Comprehensive Information Protection System compliance certificate dated 07/24/2018 No. 17136 and is an official partner of Microsoft SPLA. Our range of services includes a variety of solutions, including colocation and server rack lease, as well as physical server lease. Our Data Processing Center DC|COSMONOVA has a modern and reliable infrastructure that offers three cloud platforms located in Ukraine and in Europe. Thanks to our sites in Germany and the Netherlands, we can provide global coverage for our customers.
We provide cloud solutions including hosting of 1C and other accounting applications, cloud based PBX and corporate e-mail, as well as data backup. In addition, you can rent a server to install your own solutions in our cloud. In 2022, we started working with Ajax Systems, becoming an official distributor and installer of security systems.
We strive to capture and listen to each client, making the customer service a foundation base, as well as building long-term relationships openly and with care. The goal of our company is to provide comprehensive business support to achieving maximum profitability through the implementation of advanced telecommunication solutions. We work to ensure the success of your business by providing innovative telecommunication solutions that meet modern requirements.
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