Storage and uninterrupted operation of 1C in a safe cloud.
Transfer of 1C bases in 24 hours.
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Why storing your 1C in the office is NOT SAFE!
In the office:
1C is allocated on a computer or server that is dependent on electricity, often overheating, and thus may break down at any time
No data redundancy
Server maintenance requires staff with special knowledge and skills
Servers allocated outside a specialized place often break down
Accessible to regulatory authorities
Lack of computation power required for the operation of 1C in case of increased number of user
1C is not protected against unscrupulous personnel
In the cloud:
1C is allocated on specialized equipment in a data center which provides cooling and uninterrupted power supply
Solution from Cosmonova provides complete redundancy of data for the last 30 days
Qualified Cosmonova professionals provide 24/7 monitoring and support
Cosmonova ensures the performance of the cloud forming equipment, and conducts repairs, if necessary
1C is physically non-existent in the office
You can add resources for the operation of your 1C in 5 minutes without buying any equipment
Even if someone intentionally damages your 1C, we will restore all the information in one hour
Protect sensitive data. Move your 1C to the cloud
What is a cloud
and why is it safe and secure
1C is non-existent in your office
Head office
to work with 1C in the cloud all you need is a device with Internet access, even a smartphone
monitoring To connect to 1C in the cloud you need to enter your login and password
1C in a cloud Databases and 1C itself are allocated in the cloud, so you can connect using any device
How to order and use cloud 1C
1. Specify databases size and the amount of 1C users
2. We create a server, install 1C or transfer 1C
3. Connect and work using a familiar interface
In your office computer choose "Connect to a Remote Desktop"
Enter the IP address we provided
Enter the username and password you chose
You are connected to the server in the cloud where your 1C is installed and you can now work with it as if it were on your office computer
Why customers entrust
allocation of their 1C in the cloud to Cosmonova
  • Own data center
    Modern data center
    with 4 tight areas
  • 14 years of experience in
    the telecommunications
  • Select a cloud in
    Ukraine or in Europe
    based on your goals
  • Qualified
    professionals provide
    24/7 monitoring and support
  • The cloud is built
    exclusively on the IBM
    branded hardware
  • Cosmonova undertakes
    the complete implementation of solutions
    for your business tasks

Select a data center and a price rate suitable for you

  • Data center in Kyiv
  • Data center in Europe
Technical support:
Optimized for:
5 GB
2 weeks storage
1 person
Windows 7
If you pay for a year

794 grn/month

715 grn/month

If you pay for a month

882 grn/month

794 grn/month

Technical support:
Optimized for:
5 GB
2 weeks storage
2-3 people
Windows Server
If you pay for a year

926 grn/month

833 grn/month

If you pay for a month

1029 grn/month

926 grn/month

Technical support:
Optimized for:
10 GB
2 weeks storage
5 people
Windows Server
If you pay for a year

1058 grn/month

952 grn/month

If you pay for a month

1176 grn/month

1058 grn/month

Technical support:
Optimized for:
20 GB
2 weeks storage
10 people
Windows Server
If you pay for a year

1695 grn/month

1526 grn/month

If you pay for a month

1883 grn/month

1695 grn/month

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Partners & Customers
  • Doroshenko Yevhen Robertovych, National Paralympic
    Committee of Ukraine

    COSMONOVA|NET successfully implemented official live broadcast of the events of the Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. Professional team work left the warmest impressions and we look forward to further effective cooperation in future.

  • Mykyta Derevianchenko, Digital Communications
    Manager, Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

    Victor Pinchuk Foundation is an international charitable organization in Ukraine, founded by businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk in 2006 with the aim of creating new opportunities for future generations regarding qualitative changes in their own country and the world. The foundation has been working with COSMONOVA|NET since 2012, and has successfully implemented a number of diverse projects during this time:

    • Technical support in the set up of a TV linkup and online broadcast of press conferences of world celebrities;
    • Set up f the online broadcast of the IX, XIII and XIV "Yalta European Strategy" YES international summits;
    • Technical implementation of the Nadiia (Hope) project at the 56th International Art Exhibition in Venice;
    • Online broadcast of the 2nd Ukrainian lunch in Munich.

    Considering the number of joint events, we would like to note the high quality of work conducted by COSMONOVA|NET, as well as the speed of decision-making by the company’s team. We look forward on productive cooperation in the future.

  • Lera Tatarchuk, Head of Fund Tvoia Opora (Your Support)

    COSMONOVA|NET became a partner of the Tvoia Opora (Your Support) fund in 2014 because of its professionalism, efficiency and flexibility! The company provides us with full technical support in the matters of website hosting on the virtual dedicated server, cloud based mail server, as well as stable and reliable Internet connection. With the official web page being the face of our charitable fund, its stable work is extremely important!

    Moreover, together with COSMONOVA|NET we have been holding an annual event "A Thousand Gifts for the New Year" for the last 4 years to fulfill children's dreams during the holidays! COSMONOVA | NET fully took on the development of the technical part of the project, and its full maintenance and support, allowing for dreams of numerous children to come true and let nothing stand in the way!

    We’d like to stress that their experts’ professionalism is what the company is all about! All technical tasks are performed on time, in good faith and with unwavering quality! We are completely satisfied with all the solutions provided, have no complaints whatsoever, and plan to continue our fruitful cooperation with COSMONOVA|NET in the future.

  • Ivan Kovalev, Event Manager of «Red Bull Ukraine»

    COSMONOVA|NET was chosen for their flexibility, efficiency and professionalism!

    The service we needed was to provide a stable Internet connection at an offsite event. The company's experts have stood up to their name! Everything had been done on time, with tact and high degree of tolerance :)

    We plan to employ the company’s similar services in the future. We were happy with all provided solutions and have no complaints whatsoever!

  • Bovsunovskyi Vladyslav, , Chief Technical Officer of the «DTP.Kiev.UA» civic organization

    COSMONOVA|NET was chosen for their new equipment, which ensures confidence in the reliability of services!

    Using hosting solutions for a high-load website, we can confirm the fact that company’s professionals have been great at solving the tasks we set them.

    In the event of a time-sensitive issue, in spite of the fact that the technical task was not properly formulated by us, the engineers of COSMONOVA|NET looked into the project and found the best possible solution.

    We plan to continue using the company’s HIGHLOAD hosting solutions!

  • Khizhnyak Sergey

    We have been cooperating with COSMONOVA|NET since December 2016. It is an excellent operator that provides high-quality services of TV signal delivery to the required points of presence. It is a reliable partner in the field of specialized services for TV companies, whose experts are always ready to prove their worth with prompt resolution of any issues that might arise.
    We have selected the following solutions from COSMONOVA|NET:

    • Delivery of the broadcast signal to the tower (Control and Management Center), the main one over dark fiber, the reserve one over IP.
    • Delivery of the signal to cable operators using IP-technologies.
    • Provision of high-speed Internet for the office and Internet connection for off-site filming.

  • Kristina KHLAPONINA, Head of Network Development Department

    We have been cooperating for two years. The Cosmonova company was chosen on the basis of ‘maximum opportunities from one source’. (a flexible system of configuring the kinds of signal transport), a wide range of services if the need ever arises, rather than limited conditions with one or two items. The connection was prompt, with great communication with the staff. Skilled engineers of the company are always ready to explain all the subtleties of work / connection both in layman’s terms for regular customers as well as using sophisticated technical terms for advanced users. We are satisfied with our cooperation and do not even consider any competitors. And in my opinion there are none at this stage. Any issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. There are always alternative ways of solving the matter that would suit both sides. The services provided are of high quality and meet our requirements for 100%.

  • Andrey Bilyk, IT administrator

    Our company, DHL logistics ltd., having a widespread network of offices all over the world, needed telecommunication partner for realization of our targets and tasks. And Cosmonova ltd. really fits the bill. This company is a trustworthy partner which in a very short time built a data transmission link (channel) between our headquarters in Kiev and distant databank, provided a heavy-duty access link to the Internet with highly-efficient communicational parameters.

    The Cosmonova personnel is really easy to work with. They are ready to assist at any sage of our cooperation.

    DHL is an acknowledged leader in efficient logistics of heavy cargo all over the world. Specific for our industry, our company runs a network of affiliates with global reach and significance, which constantly face relevant challenges with IT efficiency among them.

    Being such an affiliate in Ukraine, we found in Cosmonova a reliable telecommunication partner capable to timely deploy custom tailored infrastructure. Cosmonova network presence as well as excellent worldwide connectivity allowed us to expand DHL Private Network for valuable data and critical applications.

    Cosmonova is a comfortable company to work with. Their personnel showed a great deal of willingness whatever assist we needed from tailoring technical requirements to helping configure our network interconnections.

  • Kachanko A.A., Director

    The MEGOGO company would like to expresses its gratitude for the high standards of quality and uninterrupted services of the IP stream formation by your company. We would also like to note the high level of professionalism and prompt response to short-term emergencies that arose in the course of work. Separately, we would like to highlight that the technical solutions provided to us have a high level of fail-safe and backup redundancy.

  • Vladimir Sosnitsky, Deputy Director General

    The Sonar company is one of the leading content distributors in the Ukrainian subscription based and terrestrial TV market, and has been working with Cosmonova for more than five years. During this period, we have seen numerous proofs of the Cosmonova team’s expertise. Thanks to the TV platform and an expert team, TV carriers who are unable to receive our satellite channels, can get them over IP. We are more than willing to recommend the Cosmonova company as a reliable technical contractor, since an increase in the carrier’s channel list means an increase of the carriers’ attractiveness to potential customers. And especially, the top-rated and quality channels offered by the Sonar company. If a carrier cannot receive our channels from the satellite, we recommend you contact the Cosmonova company and get our channels over IP.

  • Sergiy Tsviliy, IT Manager

    The initial contact between us was established at the beginning of 2013. The company introduced itself as Cosmonova and offered their services of providing Internet access. We have thought over the offer for a long time since there had been substantial difficulties in the laying of optical fiber in the territory of the Academy and we did not wish to waste time on it. We agreed that we would keep in touch every 3-5 months. In 2015, our then provider began to fail in its work and we remembered of the provider who was so eager to connect us. We got in touch with them, agreed on the rates and time terms of the work, and had no problems regarding the connection or signing the contract. We are grateful for the high quality services we receive and we have been with Cosmonova ever since.

  • Yurii Yaremchuk, CTO

    Our company works in IT development and maintenance for small and medium-sized businesses, and professes the principles of high quality of provided services. And we can truly appreciate the approach to work by other companies. We have established the ‘right relationship’ with Cosmonova from the start – they have comprehensively solved all the tasks and, most importantly, implemented the technical side of the job without a hitch and in the agreed time constraints. Can we recommend Cosmonova? Without a doubt.

  • Serhii Kovtun, System administrator

    The Kvartal-95 company is a leader in the Ukrainian market of providing a full range of services in the production of television and film projects. Due to the expansion of the writing team, we rented an additional office, where an Internet connection was required in the shortest possible time. We chose Cosmonova LLC for its reasonable prices. And we have not regretted it since. They have promptly connected us to the Internet, even earlier than we expected. We have not had to contact the support service yet, since everything works just fine.

  • Ruslan Savchuk, IT expert

    Bank4YOU is a financial services company, headquartered in London, with offices throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Bank4YOU develops products and provides service solutions for customers who enjoy active lifestyle and travel a lot. Due to the opening of a representative office in Ukraine we encountered the need for an Internet connection in the new office. Being an international company, we required high-quality and uninterrupted data transmission channel to various world resources, which was provided to us by Cosmonova LLC.

  • Pryhunov Vitalii, Head of the IT department

    The Oberbeton company is a local manufacturer of custom concrete structures. Our company is one of the largest enterprises of Ukraine complying with European production standards, which provides a full range of modern equipment to leading European companies. And Cosmonova LLC provided us with the same high quality of the Internet connection. At the time of connecting, we set certain requirements for the data transmission channel which Cosmonova LLC had no trouble meeting.

  • Dmytro Rudyi, Head of IT-Department

    Being the head of the Kozyrna Karta company IT department, I decided to move our servers to a data center of the Cosmonova company. In the first few days I realized that I made the right decision to work with this company – we were provided with pertinent staff, highly qualified technical support, instant response to inquiries, and a personal manager.

  • Ihor Dvornik, System Administrator

    Cosmonova provides our company with access to the Internet, IP-telephony and hosting services. Reliability, prompt resolution of any arising matters and non-routine situations were the key principles why we chose cooperation with Cosmonova. I am completely satisfied with the quality of services provided by the company. I would recommend Cosmonova as a reliable and trusted partner any day.

  • Roman Motrenko, IT Supervisor

    Throughout our cooperation with Cosmonova we have used a wide range of the company’s services. We were provided communication between the company's points of presence and Internet access. We also placed our own equipment in the Cosmonova Data Center and leased dedicated virtual servers. Cosmonova was originally selected as a company that could provide communication channels wherever necessary, including points in the Kyiv region and the Data Center of another provider. At the same time, the price policy was absolutely acceptable without far-fetched non-sense such as "this is outside Kyiv so it will cost more", which was common among other providers at the time. The company's employees proved to be professionals, who, first of all, constantly strive to improve the quality of services provided, secondly, are always ready to promptly react to technical and business inquiries, and thirdly, are open and honest in communication. We are extremely happy with our ongoing cooperation. We are pleased with the high responsiveness and flexibility of Cosmonova, the wide range of the services it offers, profound fairness to customers, and the price/quality ratio of the services. I would also like to note the shortest possible response time to incidents and a minimum of bureaucracy in resolving issues, which is crucial in ensuring high availability of IT services for businesses.

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