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    Internet Exchange Points
The Cosmonova company has been providing comprehensive solutions for the organization of the IT infrastructure of enterprises in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. Cosmonova possesses tried and true solutions for each problem faced by businesses today. Internet for legal persons in Kyiv is provided on the basis of its own fiber-optic network with the total length of 500 km. To provide customers with Internet channels of an adequate quality, Cosmonova is present in both Ukrainian and international Internet exchange points. In addition to the Internet exchange points Cosmonova has built parity communication links with fifteen Ukrainian telecommunication carriers. Among the company’s uplinks are four international carriers, and the total bandwidth of communication channels constitutes 220 Gbit/s. In 2013, the company launched the commercial operation of its own data center. Presently, the data center consists of 4 containment areas designed to accommodate customer servers and telecommunications equipment with an uptime of 99.98% which is fixed in the SLA. The main services of the data center are collocation and server racks rent. In addition to the allocation of physical servers, the data center has cloud 4 platforms located in the four countries. The main site is located in Ukraine, and the other three are located in Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. The company provides turnkey cloud solutions, including cloud-based 1C, PBX, and others on the basis of the Cosmonova cloud. There is also a server rental available in the cloud for the installation of your own decisions. IP telephony is another service that customers receive alongside the Internet access. The Cosmonova company has its own pool of direct Kyiv numbers, and provides telephony services at competitive rates. For customers exchanging terabytes of data Cosmonova is prepared to provide data transmission channels on the basis of its own fiber-optic infrastructure, and when necessary, with the use of the partner carriers’ networks to improve security and speed of data transmission.
In their work the employees of Cosmonova are committed to building long-term and trusting relationship with each customer. Thanks to understanding the customers' problems, we provide just the right services that can meet the needs of the customers and meet the expectations of business customers. Cosmonova is developing together with its customers and continuously improves infrastructure and knowledge necessary for effective cooperation with customers. The Cosmonova company has its own platform for receiving and processing video signal. On the basis of its own platform for receiving and processing video, the Cosmonova company provides solutions for TV channels and carriers. The purpose of these solutions is reception, processing, preparation and transmission of a signal by land, which is ten times more cost efficient than raising a signal to the satellite. In addition to these solutions, we offer solutions for TV channels regarding archiving and organizing storage of video content and solutions for inserting advertisement into the broadcast for regional advertisement with no investments into your own infrastructure required.
In 2014, the company started a new line – software development. The development team is working on creating a CRM/ERP system and industry solutions, the distribution of which is planned in accordance with the SaaS model on the basis of the Cosmonova cloud.  The company cares about its employees and strives to provide a comfortable environment for the development of each. Staff development plan is designed so that employees grow in the field where they can express themselves.
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