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On June 6, 2019, the III Annual CIO Forum took place in Kyiv, Onovo Dendro Hotel.Professionals and business owners were discussing the most relevant information and detailed branch-specific cases in the Ukrainian and international markets.Silver partner of the training conference DC|COSMONOVA ...

New insights in the Ukrainian live broadcasts: COSMONOVA|NET

In the XXI century, live broadcasts are a strategic art of creating target audience for one’s own event covered live. Spectators almost from any location will not only plunge into the atmosphere, but also join easily in the moderation of their participation ...

Data center is the place of power. Where are your data operating? DC|COSMONOVA overview

 At the new stage of development, projects face the problem of upgrading in-house IT infrastructure when performance of the existing facilities is not enough. Companies save funds by means of data center services, because it is much more cost-effective to maintain IT infrastructure in the data center.DC or data center is a special-purpose building that accommodates network and server hardware with an option to connect subscribers to the internet channels. In other words, it is a process area where servers of the companies are physically located under certain environmental conditions to ensure proper functioning of the equipment.We’re talking to the Head of DC|COSMONOVA Sales Department Gennadii Demchenko on the relevant details. What are the main aspects future clients of the data center focus on?G.D.: Above all, data center clients pay special attention to the fulfillment of supplier’s specifications that meet the project needs: physical data security, fault tolerance level, fire safety, cooling system, power supply system. Other factor is the price of the service.DC|COSMONOVA Data Center complies with TIER3 international data storage standards and has safe internet channels. It is equipped with uninterruptible power supply (two independent inputs, two UPS circuits, two diesel power plants) and redundant cooling system.Our specialists provide continuous monitoring and technical support on a 24/7 basis. Data center perimeter is under round-the-clock video surveillance, ...

COSMONOVA|NET: 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

We are pleased to inform that 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup in Poland is broadcast in HD quality as part of cooperation of UA:FIRST and COSMONOVA|NET

COSMONOVA|NET entered the 2019 SEMPRO Events

One of the top-rank technology conferences, SEMPRO is a place where top-class SEO specialists and traffic masters meet in Ukraine.World’s experts warmed up the audience in a professional manner, having shared their experience and insights on how to evaluate link profile properly to create and buy links, what formulas to use, and how to choose a ...

COSMONOVA|NET will be an official shooting partner of the most large-scale industry event – conference “2019 Days of Electronic Communications”

For several years running, COSMONOVA|NET has supported DEC, providing solutions that boost popularization of the event and important challenges discussed at the conference. Such topics as pay TV market development, potential and promising trends, which induce to invest in ARPU ...

Watch live broadcast of the judo tournament in memory of Dmytro Maksymov.

Watch live broadcast of the judo tournament in memory of Dmytro Maksymov. The organizer is COSMONOVA|NET For the sixth time, on May 14-15, 2019, the National Sports Committee for the Disabled of Ukraine, Ukrainian Center for Physical Culture and Sports ...

COSMONOVA|NET encourages you to join a great initiative!

COSMONOVA|NET encourages you to join a great initiative! To commemorate a decade after Ukraine signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Ukrainian National Assembly of People with Disabilities jointly with Media center of the National ...

COSMONOVA|NET organizes live broadcast of the Ukrainian Deaf Curling Championship

COSMONOVA|NET organizes live broadcast of the Ukrainian Deaf Curling Championship for the customers – “National sports committee for the disabled of Ukraine, Paralympic committee”.April 16-18, 2019 Location is Cosmopolite Multimall / Shopping MallWe support Ukrainian sportsmen!

DC|COSMONOVA Data Center offers the options!

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