How To Choose Reliable Data Ceter

Modern data-center [DPC, data processing center]

must meet the highest requirements to ensure continuity of your business operations at the appropriate level.
It has been long understood by large business enterprises in telecom because for them such factors as high level of service quality, reliability and security are of crucial importance. As company grows, needs in IT-resources also increase. So, data-centers come to help.
Of course, you can build your own DPC, but at some point you will have to deal with limitations of its resources and hefty electricity expenses. Thus, you will have to invest again in increasing its capabilities that, perhaps, won't be used to the full. Losses from DPC downtime are much higher than savings from energy efficiency and often exceed the cost of equipment itself.
Thus, it is better to use services of companies providing their own data-center for use. When choosing DPC it is important to consider a range of factors that we review below.
IT field reaches a new level of development each year, while various attacks on information keep happening more often. So, security of data storage, processing and transfer is a deciding factor when it comes to DPC.
So, here are the criteria of a

reliable data-center

1. Secure online channels
To ensure the constant availability of equipment and effective information transfer data-center must have multiple internet channels.
2. Power supply system
Data-center must ensure uninterrupted power to all equipment – clients ' servers, HVAC systems, and other data-center devices. Even in the event of power surges or intermittent power failure, uninterruptible power sources has to be fully functioning. In addition to the main input power, there must be backup power suppy in the event of disconnection in the power core.
3. Diesel generator available
It is not enough to have a conventional uninterruptible power supply. A modern secure data-center must have a diesel generator that will ensure uninterrupted storage function in case of extended power outage.
4. Climate control system
Data center has to comply with the relevant climate regime so it must have an efficient cooling system. Apart from chiller, the system must be reserved properly in case of failure of one of its components.
5. Access control
Of course, a secure data-center must have a procedure of control over access to the equipment. Data-center should be located in a protected area, and in the building itself there must be a log of visitors and video monitoring. Biometric access control system in all spaces is a huge plus to a modern DPC.
The demand for data-centers is determined by increased performance of organizations using IT-resources. Therefore, data-centers in Ukraine solve many problems for businesses, relieving companies from the need to create their own infrastructures. In other words, a reliable DPC ensures company's data security and saves its financial expenses.
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