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More than 160 national and world operators, an ever-growing number of modern TV channels in own TV platform, and all-Ukrainian recognition as the "Media Solution of the Year" for leadership among companies providing land based TV signal delivery from Telecom Awards 2017! All this is about COSMONOVA|NET - Ukrainian IT leader actively developing its international partner network! The company’s technology solution experts are currently talking about IPTV for the B2B segment, and the key issue for future customers and partners of the TV industry is to pay attention. But all in good time.

So, the strategic service of IPTV – what and who is it for? We ask Serhii Stohnushenko, a COSMONOVA | NET network development expert:

- Previously, the delivery of favorite TV channels to viewers around the world was possible only by the way of transferring the signal from the studio to the TV towers, from there to a satellite chain and back to earth through dishes to household TV receivers. With time, the analog signal can satisfy the demands of modern content broadcast less and less, and the satellite option is incomparably expensive for TV channels! In addition, it is necessary to take into account the susceptibility of satellite technology to the influence of weather and being tied to the broadcasting region. Also, with the advent of a growing number of different formats for content playback, the satellite transmission is far behind compared to the digital one. The streaming service is becoming not just popular, but is confidently replacing the “regular” TV as a phenomenon.

For TV operators, switching to a new method of signal delivery is a more promising option, if not the only right one at the moment, since a successful reception of a signal from the satellite, requires expensive idiosyncratic equipment, as well as professional staff for its maintenance.

Since IP traffic is significantly cheaper than a satellite band, a modern TV channel has no problem finding new partners among TV operator, and significantly increases new audience, thus maximizing commercial performance through increased profits from advertisers.

Today, any TV channel can easily establish relationships with a desired operator anywhere in the world in just 24 hours due to the high availability of the technology used.

Continuing with reliability and the right choice of the solution provider for IPTV and cooperation in general, let me give you a few examples of feedback from opinion leaders of opinions regarding their partnership with COSMONOVA|NET:

Oleksandr Kachanko, MEGOGO Director

- The MEGOGO company would like to expresses its gratitude for the high standards of quality and uninterrupted services of the IP stream formation by your company. We would also like to note the high level of professionalism and prompt response to short-term emergencies that arose in the course of work. Separately, we would like to highlight that the technical solutions provided to us have a high level of fail-safe and backup redundancy.

Khizhnyak Sergey, XSPORT Technical Director

- We have been cooperating with COSMONOVA|NET since December 2016. It is an excellent operator that provides high-quality services of TV signal delivery to the required points of presence. It is a reliable partner in the field of specialized services for TV companies, whose experts are always ready to prove their worth with prompt resolution of any issues that might arise.

Vladimir Sosnitsky, SONAR Deputy Director General

- Sonar is one of the leading content distributors in the Ukrainian subscription based and terrestrial TV market, and has been working with Cosmonova for more than five years. During this time, we have seen numerous proofs of the Cosmonova team’s expertise. Thanks to the TV platform and an expert team, TV operators who are unable to receive our satellite channels, can get them over IP. We are more than willing to recommend the Cosmonova company as a reliable technical contractor, since an increase in the carrier’s channel list means an increase of the carriers’ attractiveness to potential customers. And especially, the top-rated and quality channels offered by the Sonar company.

Director Maksym Siomochkin also commented on the subject:

- We guarantee delivery of the IP stream of the TV channel to anywhere in Ukraine and the world! The advantage of the solution is first of all – budget savings for both the TV channel and the operator, eliminating the cost of the satellite band and receiving equipment. We guarantee high quality video for TV viewers and professional support on any technical issues. When signing an agreement on the delivery of a TV signal over IP with COSMONOVA|NET, the channel is provided with direct access to key operators, and the operator, in turn, can receive numerous TV channels from one source.

COSMONOVA | NET is open for cooperation with distributors, TV operators and of course the TV channels themselves. We truly have something to please new key partners, from Ukraine and abroad!

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