COSMONOVA|NET is a strategic information partner for Mediasat!

Since 2007, COSMONOVA|NET has had the pleasure to provide one of the largest Ukrainian specialized publications Mediasat with high-quality information content.

Analytical insights of TV, broadcasting and telecommunications world, blogs, interviews, latest technology reviews and the best authors have constantly engaged and motivated the professionals for 11 years.

Keeping abreast of ICT in Ukraine, COSMONOVA|NET makes its own news, which not only reify company’s achievements, but also create a background for the development of future technology trends. On multiple occasions COSMONOVA|NET experts gave insightful comments regarding the strategic sectors.

Mediasat always has an initiative approach when it comes to working over the industry-specific releases and covering progressive thoughts, for that, in its turn, it continues to receive recognition of the competent speakers and successful brands from Ukraine and other countries.

Colleagues, we wish you many creative victories!

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