Internet marketing expert: how to stay competitive in the digital environment? Traffic, content, concentration.

Environment in the digital space is so changeable that there is by no means always time to track the latest trends with proven measures. Currently for most of the web projects the overriding factor is traffic. Exactly this factor continues to be motivation driving us today.

We’re speaking about life inside SEO with COSMONOVA|NET internet marketing expert Yaroslav K.

Y.K.: "If we speak about my own cases, I took a hand in a whole series of e-commerce projects and roughly ten customer projects. I have been developing at COSMONOVA|NET since 2016 and my areas are SEO optimization, contextual advertising and digital analytics. I don’t want to praise myself, I will just mention that colleagues in analytics can easily check the resource for indexing quality."

What are your own professional TOP 3 trends in SEO market, their nature and your vision?

Y.K.: Speaking just about my top list, it is as follows:

1. High-quality internal website optimization (it has given results for more than 10 years, and in spite of some reductions, it remains a foundation due to the commercial solutions).

2. Content and unique design since in the era of search engine and excess of information material presented should be interesting and of high quality (whether textual or graphic, but user-perceived).

3. Links. After all, in the modern digital space it is very difficult to survive (new rivals appear from year to year, while old ones increase their influence on SEO output)."

What tools does a company need for successful digital advancement?

Y.K.: "In my opinion, they are the following:

• SEO – a principal direction

• PPC – contextual advertising

• SMM (Facebook and Instagram)

• Web analytics (it is important to learn to bind and understand data)

Tell about field-specific events that awoke interest in you in 2019.

Y.K.: "Probably the main point is that people rarely attend conferences to listen to the reports or speakers. People go there for networking and exchange of information with colleagues, because it becomes more difficult to stay relevant trying to track and test changes promptly. Sessions definitely help to stay in good professional shape.

Among the nearest events recommended for consideration there are:

• EasyConf is an international conference dealing with commodity business, but many cases are applicable for other fields.

• SEMPRO workshops I regularly attended.

• 8P in Odessa is one of the top-rank conferences in Ukraine.

Talking about foreign activities, I’d like to recommend dmexco events considered as one of the top-rank platforms in Europe."

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