The first Ukrainian data center with cyber risk insurance service: DC|COSMONOVA

As regards the surrounding world and the nature of its existence, data storage and processing in all material aspects were and continue being a key stage of civilized way of humankind development at all times. As the technologies develop, people face the objective everyday necessity to create, store and process innumerable amount of information in the form of text files, media content, digital, graphic and other diversified data.

In the world of digital information its storage and movement inside the World Wide Web, synergy in the operation of internet channels, as well as all digital services are currently provided by data processing centers (DPC) or data centers.

Meantime, along with apparent and perceivable increase in price of high-quality information and time for the creation of it, there are great risks of adverse actions on the part of data hunters and digital pests with the view of corporate data corruption or theft.

DDoS cyber attacks, cyber extortion, attacks on point-of-sale terminals, spyware infiltration and software tampering fall entirely within the scope of necessity of applying modern unique cyber insurance products in the World Wide Web.

Since 2018, DC|COSMONOVA has been the first Ukrainian data center offering current world experience of cyber risk insurance to its clients.

In cooperation with a partner, international insurance broker, DC|COSMONOVA data center offers its clients cyber risk assessment, international conditions of reliable insurance and customer support of the leading insurance companies from the USA and Europe.

Since 2013, well-known IT brand COSMONOVA|NET has successfully led its own data center in Kyiv, located in a strategical industrial building of early XX century, at 2/1 Grinchenko Street. Wide experience of the company is filled with a variety of professional cases and positive feedback from the experts.

In May 2018, DC|COSMONOVA successfully launched new fourth queue.

Server room was designed with due regard to the professional technical requirements and today it is open for rendering services of not only corporate market, but also for the development of strategic areas in B2G segment. Three modules of new server room with a capacity of 36 cabinets are ready to take new server hardware “aboard”.

Три модуля нового серверного зала, емкостью 36 шкафов - готовы принять «на борт» новое серверное оборудование.

It is important to note that DC|COSMONOVA Data Center is:

  • Compliance with TIER3 requirements
  • Colocation service
  • Lease of 45U telecommunication cabinets
  • Lease of physical servers with an opportunity to deploy a private cloud
  • Lease of dedicated VPS server (Virtual private server)
  • State-of-the-art solutions based on 4 cloud platforms in Ukraine and Europe
  • Data center parameter control according to 24/7 schedule
  • SLA 99,98%

Company’s specialists are always ready to draw attention of their potential clients to the factors that should be really taken into consideration when choosing a data center.

In the first place, the clients pay attention to the uninterrupted operation and, broadly speaking, our indicators permit us for years to go firmly ahead and extend our client base.

Access control is a key component of any SLA contract. Apart from access logs, indoor and outdoor video surveillance, physical security perimeter, we use biometric fingerprint and facial recognition access to the premises. It is impossible to get to the data center in an unauthorized manner.

Company’s clients also point out quality of work of the Technical Support Service. In particular, DC|COSMONOVA experts permanently monitor all the systems and provide feedback all the year round, on a 24/7 basis.

Since among the data center clients there is a great deal of large corporate entities, financial institutions, banks, public sector and others, DC|COSMONOVA data center repeatedly underwent all kinds of audits and quality control inspections and today we are glad to welcome the most exacting Ukrainian and international clients in our data center.

Final top key questions before new placement in the data center: question of internet channels.

DC|COSMONOVA is present at the main Internet Exchange Points, together with all large-scale internet backbone providers, and we are able to create high-quality junction points upon client’s request. We have already got several large-scale providers connected to the data center.

Nowadays it is hard for a forward-thinking businessperson to underestimate the fact of crucial role of data storage and processing by means of global operation of data centers – for successful business conduct in digital era. Development of any long-term business strategy is a constant increase of necessity to employ a reliable data center and valuable experience of technical experts.

It is right there that the first Ukrainian data center comes to the help of your business, with DC|COSMONOVA cyber risk insurance options.

Reliable data storage and processing!

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