COSMONOVA | NET: A feedback that inspires the team of IT leaders! Corporate TOP 5!

Feedback, direct speech of the key persons that dared to give comments on the subtleties of cooperation with the business partner, on behalf of a brand. These are different points that the service provider follow when motivating new partners to choose exactly this company, being based on the positive experience of a previous successful work.

COSMONOVA | NET gathered relevant TOP 5 reviews from popular brands, each of which has its own history of success with the assistance of reliable Ukrainian IT partner!

RED BULL: Grishchenko Alexandr, IT Consultant

RED BULL has a strong presence in more than 140 countries all over the world! Austrian company Red Bull GmbH is also widely known as an organizer of various sports competitions and events related to auto racing, motorcycle racing, cycle racing, snowboarding and also eSports and other kinds of motivational lifestyle! We have known COSMONOVA | NET for years, it accomplished optical fiber laying at the Kyiv office of our company for high-speed internet connection. This is also a dedicated communication channel, virtual server services, telephony and off-site events where we need high-speed Internet. We’re planning to keep on enjoying services of the company chosen as we are really pleased with services provided to us on high-quality basis!

XSPORT Sergey Khizhnyak, Technical Director

TV channel X-SPORT is always latest news of international sport, live broadcasts of football competitions, biathlon, boxing, hockey and other sporting events! It is also web conferences, reviews and outcomes, topical analysis of league tables. We have been working with COSMONOVA | NET since December 2016. Good operator, it provides high-quality services in delivering TV signal at the points of presence required for us. Indeed, it is a key partner in the field of specialized services for the TV companies. Experts are always ready to do their best, while arising issues are always solved promptly and efficiently! Among the solutions used by us there is a delivery of signal to the TV tower, primary signal via dark fiber and standby one over IP. It is also a delivery of signal to the cable operators owing to IP technologies and high-speed office internet and reliable connection during off-site shooting!

SONAR: Vladimir Sosnitsky, Deputy General Director

SONAR, one of the leading content distributors in the Ukrainian market of over-the-air subscription television, which works with more than 400 international TV operators, has chosen capabilities of COSMONOVA | NET since 2016. During the entire period, we were convinced on many occasions of professional competence of the partner team! TV operators that earlier could not receive our channels from the satellite now can get them over IP in the best quality owing to the TV platform and experts of the company chosen. We are glad to recommend the operators technical solutions of COSMONOVA | NET as ones of a reliable contractor because the increase in the list of operator’s channels is the increase of its appeal among demanding consumers. In addition, it is particularly relevant when it is a question of top-rated or high-quality channels offered by SONAR!

Kozyrna Karta: Dmitry Ryzhy, Head of IT Department

Kozyrna Karta brand has existed in Ukraine since 2001! It is a large restaurant family being a recognized leader of the Ukrainian restaurant market for more than 17 years and an owner of a discount-based loyalty program with the same name, with about 1100000 persons participating in it and brand’s staff numbering about 7000 employees. Nowadays Kozyrna Karta unite more than 40 facilities all over the country and develop hotel business areas. We actually lay down high requirements to the quality of services we provide and expect from B2B sector, and so in 2013 COSMONOVA | NET experts attracted our attention and we chose them! Solutions selected for server colocation at the company’s data center were worthwhile, as well as experts showed themselves as professions in solving both small matters and intricate technical issues. The company is reliable indeed!

Victor Pinchuk Foundation: Nikita Derevyanchenko, Digital Communication Manager

Victor Pinchuk Foundation is a private international charitable organization in Ukraine, established by businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk in 2006, with the view of creating opportunities for the new generations, making step changes in his country and in the world. The foundation has collaborated with COSMONOVA | NET since 2012 and in this period many diverse projects have been implemented:

  • Technical support of teleconference organization and webcast of press conference of the world’s cultural figures;
  • Organizing webcasts of IX, XIII and XIV international Yalta European Strategy summits;
  • Technical implementation of Hope project at the 56th international art exposition – Venice Biennale;
  • Live broadcast of the 2nd Ukrainian lunch in Munich.

Taking into account the number of joint arrangements, we may point out the quality of work and decision-making speed of COSMONOVA | NET team and we may reckon on our further cooperation.

COSMONOVA | NET is grateful to all brands that took part in the survey. In future, we will make every effort to improve our level and increase the quality of decisions for the Ukrainian and international B2B sector.

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