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Data Center is a specialized building, which houses the server hardware and infrastructure, providing its subscribers the reliable connection to the Internet channels. In simple words, data center is a specific area where the companies` servers are physically housed. This area is under around-the-clock security surveillance and the necessary climatic and technical terms are provided to ensure the reliable performance of data center facilities.

Data centers

are designed for the secured storage, processing and efficient distribution of information and are mostly used by corporate clients for their business solution. With the services offered by data centers its clients have a possibility to spare their companies` funds considerably as the necessity to maintain the IT infrastructure for their companies disappears.
Each data center has its own information, telecommunications and engineering infrastructures performing their functions properly.
Thus the information infrastructure provides the basic functions of DC, namely, storing and processing of information. Telecommunications infrastructure ensures connection and efficient data transmission between servers and customers. Engineering infrastructure manages the continued reliable operation of all the systems involved.
Modern data centers offer their clients a wide range of basic and supplementary services.
The basic services are:
  1. 1.

    Rack Rental

    . You are offered to house your servers by renting the rack cabinets fully or partially. This service is a good solution for the companies which require separate racks for the housing of their equipment (in accordance with their security policy).
  2. 2.

    Server Hosting service

    is a good option if your company does`t posses the IT hardware of specific configuration. You may also rent such an IT hardware on the spot.
  3. 3.


    (physical arrangement of servers). You can house your servers on the dedicated data center platform.
  4. 4.

    VPS solution

    offers hosting of a virtual dedicated server.
  5. 5. Virtual hosting provides you with reliable web hosting service.
Supplementary services:
Today Cosmonova Co. can offer you a wide range of reliable services due to its own data center, among which one can find: rack rental, VPS, colocation, hosting.
It means that using our company`s services you are guaranteed to get 24/7 technical support, no-break power supply for your facilities and redundant cooling system, durable Internet channels with an aggregate throughput of 260 Gb/s. And we offer the advantage of top-level security system as well. To satisfy your needs, Cosmonova team has a considerable experience and necessary resources.
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