How harmful Wi-Fi is?

Every day we are confronted with electromagnetic radiation: operation of a microwave ovens, mobile phones, telecommunication towers, wireless networks, etc. Nowadays Wi-Fi is everywhere: in malls, cafés, at work, on the street, at our homes. Therefore, more and more often we wonder if it is safe and to be in the proximity of devices that emit electromagnetic fields. Especially this question worries those parents, who are concerned about their children`s organisms, which are still developing and, consequently, are especially vulnerable to such effects.
Scientists have not yet reached a consensus on this issue, since it is too early to speak about any large-scale investigations. By the standards of science a little time has passed, since wireless networks came into our lives. But scientists jointly concluded: we can`t isolate ourselves from all the gadgets as we may find ourselves entirely isolated from the society.
The British Health Department claims that there is no evidence suggesting the base stations and smart phones can influence the human body. Although, in general the immune system is, of course, getting weaker and weaker. But it`s not because of

the influence of wireless networks

on the human body.
It`s all happening because nowadays we prefer to spend our free time sitting at our laptops and smart phones rather than to spend it on the open air or to have exercise.
While the problem of Wi-Fi exposure on human health is not fully understood, the experts recommend turning off the router at a time when the wireless network is not being used and at night as well. It is desirable to place the router remotely from the living zones of your apartments.
Specialists in the health field concur that it is still very early to talk about the impact of wireless networks on the human body. Albeit the issue is not fully explored yet, it would be incorrect to assume that Wi-Fi is completely harmless. Medical researchers are also concurred that both adults and children do not benefit from being glued to their tablets, smart phones and PCs. What really can make you healthier is walking outdoors, healthy eating and physical activity! Better spend more time on yourselves, then on your gadgets you won`t complain about your health. Be healthy!
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