What's next for data centers
IT-industry is developing rapidly, and it's already difficult to follow all vectors of its evolution. One of the most dynamic areas of IT-industry at the moment is development of data-centers.
According to a survey conducted by Emerson Network Power among experts in the field of data centers, the majority of respondents say that, in their opinion, effectiveness of IT-equipment in the near future will increase.
Data centers will use more energy-efficient equipment, and less power will be used to serve today's needs. These forecasts are confirmed by the latest trends in of data-center design: architecture of data-center buildings, their geographical location, use of meteorological resources and innovative technologies.
The world is shifting from the use of non-renewable energy sources such as oil, gas, coal, wood, etc. New times call for utilization of solar energy, wind and sea waves, which can supply data-centers with energy in the future. Renewable energy sources become a new trend in the filed of data-centers. Using nature's cold, air and liquid, cold climate of northern regions allows to come up with economical and eco-friendly methods of cooling servers without destroying the planet's resources.
Also, experts place great hopes on

the development of cloud technology

and gradual automation of data-centers. It will considerably optimize data-centers' operation.
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