Q&A: Cosmonova's Telecommunication Services
Cosmonova company in Kyiv provides quality telecommunication services for corporate clients. We are specializing in high-speed internet connection, organizing corporate networks for fast and secure data transmission, as well as setting up virtual phone systems.
Our company was the first to be licensed to provide a unique service: TV broadcast in IP (IPTV) environment!
Apart from telecommunication services, a few years ago the company launched a data-center with

cloud platforms in Ukraine and Europe

on the basis of which the company provides a variety of solutions and services. The company is evolving in the field of IT developing software.
Let's review Cosmonova's telecommunication direction in the form of Q&A.
1. Can you provide a full specter of telecom services for an office — internet, telephony, TV, DPC?
Yes. Cosmonova provides full range of telecommunication services of high quality. By the way, our clients note how convenient it is to have one contractor for various telecom solutions.
2. What are the working hours of your tech support? Does it work on weekends and bank holidays?
Yes, of course. Our technical support works 24/7. For our clients we work always, and we are prepared to solve a technical issue any time, consult and help.
3. Is there SLA in the contract? If yes, what's the percent?
Yes, we have SLA in our contract, according to which the service is available 99,87% a year.
4. How many uplinks do you have in your company? And which ones?
Today LLC Cosmonova has the connection to four international uplinks: RETN, COMSTAR, COGENT, GLOBAL CROSSING (LEVEL 3), the combined capacity of more than 80 Gbit/s; and is also included in the traffic exchange points: UA-IX, DTEL-IX, MSK-IX, GIGANET-IX, DATA-IX, W-IX, DE-CIX.
5. How fast you respond to accidents occurring in your network?
The reaction to emergency events is fast. Our system administrators continuously monitor and control uninterrupted operation of all network segments. If a problem is detected, reaction is instantaneous. Issues can be resolved remotely, or a rescue and maintenance crew can be sent to the spot. It depends on the issue. For example, if a local cable is damaged, or equipment at one of the facilities is out of order, resolution of such an accident shouldn't take more than 2 hours. If the main cable is damaged (incidents happen: construction, vandalism, etc.), then we do our best to meet the deadline for elimination of such accidents — no more than 24 hours.
6. Will our company get a personal manager who can help us in solving our issues promptly?
Yes, of course, your company will have a personal manager. They are always available to consult and help.
7. Can you connect subsidiaries of our company in Kyiv and Ukraine in a corporate network?
Yes. To study the technical possibilities we require information on the exact location of subsidiaries, that should be connected in the corporate network, and the amount of services required at each branch.
8. Can your company establish connection fast on location where it's already present?
Yes, connection can be established within a day.
9. Can you guarantee the speed of your internet channel? Is the static IP-address included in your subscription fee?
The subscriber receives a channel for guaranteed simultaneous

access to the internet

. This allows us to allocate a port of 100 MB for each user. The subscription fee includes static IP-address. If there's the need for more addresses, it is a matter of separate discussion.
If you have other questions about Cosmonova's telecom services, just call: +38 044 359 00 00.
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