Top-10 Myths About Colocation Service
Service providers are the object of often undue criticism. Reasons vary. For instance, irresponsible employees may deliberately disseminate false information, misleading their colleagues and top-management for the sake of promotion. Then, via word-of-mouth information is spread over the world, and as a result, some Ukrainian entrepreneurs have developed a distrustful attitude to colocation service as a tool for business growth — and it's a pity!
Here are the ten of the most common myths about colocation.
Myth 1. Colocation is the same as the web hosting.
No, these are two different services. Web hosting allows you to host, for example, your website on a server that is not available to you exclusively. Server resources, its capacity and the network can be used by different companies, so there's the possibility of virus infection. When ordering

colocation services

, data-center provides you with your own server in a secure environment.
Myth 2. Colocation is very expensive.
Colocation service is more expensive than web hosting service, but it is more reasonable than building of own data-center, that requires tangible investment given expenses on infrastructure, equipment, staff, and so on. Colocation allows you to take full advantage of your own data-center renting space in it for a monthly fee.
Myth 3. Colocation has become less reliable.
Colocation service is characterized by high reliability thanks to the backup power supply and extra capabilities. A good service provider will be able to ensure 99.99% SLA uptime, high-quality infrastructure and modern equipment for emergency recovery.
Myth 4. Weak support.
Many colocation providers are ready to deliver quality services to their customers. We recommend that you find a company with instant support 24/7/365.
Myth 5. Safety is a weak aspect of colocation services.
Colocation is a much more reliable than any kind of hosting altogether as data centers have a multi-level system of physical and virtual protection at their disposal.
Myth 6. Small scale.
Scale will never be a stumbling block for colocation services, and it can vary depending on customer needs.

Colocation hosting provider

offer options of renting space for the servers from one unit (1U) a rack, a cabinet and even entire rooms.
Myth 7. Use colocation service is not profitable.
For a small monthly fee colocation provider offers its clients full support, high level of data security and the ability to increase amount of space for servers. So, colocation is an excellent solution to optimize the company's expenses.
Myth 8. Not enough control and flexibility.
In fact, you get full access to the server and you can control it. Data-center allows you to choose a convenient network provider or advise on selection of any other, and that shows that data-center is a highly flexible service provider.
Myth 9. Colocation service is very inconvenient.
Colocation is very convenient, it gives complete freedom and complete control. Managing and operating hardware and software can be done remotely. Data-center also provides support for a huge number of different services in addition to colocation.
Myth 10. Time of continuous operation.
In this case, it all depends on the choice of a particular data-center. We suggest that you contact a data center Cosmonova that meets the highest international standards.
Most myths about colocation are so popular that they mislead even the most experienced businessmen. We recommend you to try colocation service by Cosmonova company ( find out for yourself that the ten points above are fiction.
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