Top 5 myths about cloud servers
There are various myths about cloud servers, emerging mostly thanks to the fact that the cloud hosting is still a relatively new service. Here are a few myths you may have heard about.
Myth 1. My database won't work in cloud.
If you do not have problems with VPS and dedicated servers, then you won't have problems with cloud. In general, a technical error can only occur due client's mistake.
Myth 2. Cloud is not eco-friendly.
Services based on cloud technologies are much more environmentally friendly than an own server room. Moreover, many data centers are using renewable power sources to provide cloud-based services.
МMyth 3: There's not enough privacy in cloud.
If cloud were unreliable, cloud companies would have lost millions of dollars. If you want to find the best solution in terms of security, cloud hosting is just what you need.
Myth 4. Cloud file storage and cloud hosting — it's all too complicated.
This isn't true.

Cloud hosting

is no more complicated than regular hosting, and hosting files in cloud is as simple as moving a file from one folder to another.
Myth 5. Cloud server is not reliable enough for my software.
The allegation that cloud server is not as reliable as dedicated server is quite debatable. It is rather a question of specific tasks and requirements. In general, cloud server is an excellent solution for the majority of software products.

cloud data hosting

will become more popular, and all the myths about it will be safely forgotten. In the meantime, we recommend companies, that consider cloud data hosting, to disregard rumors and continue to grow with the development of technology.
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