Is cloud secure? Yes!
Despite cloud technologies are widespread, their security still often causes unfounded doubts.
Cloud technologies have swiftly entered our daily lives, and they no longer surprise anyone. If you use a data exchange service, like Dropbox, or social networks like Twitter or Facebook — you use the cloud.
Small businesses have begun to switch to clouden masse, as it provides them with access to hosting, equipment and software for a reasonable price. But some small business owners are still in doubts about cloud's benefits. There are some common doubts shared by those who have decided not to use cloud. The most popular argument is cloud's security.
Security is unarguably a very important criterion in choosing a method of data hosting. Loss of personal data, customer databases, statistics, accounting — that's the worst thing that can happen to any business. Also, it's understandable why entrepreneurs may be reluctant to transfer their data to a place that is not under their physical control.
But at the moment, the reality is keeping data and applications in cloud is much safer than using your own server for this purpose. Ask yourself, who has more resources to safeguard the information — from an expert provider of cloud services, that constantly updates its software to improve protection against malware and other threats, or you, the company head with loads of issues that urgently need to be solved?
Here's an analogy: safer to keep money in a Swiss bank than under pillow. Cloud is not only a secure place to store data, but it's also a convenient service for their management.
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