Benefits of Transmitting TV Signal Over an IP Protocol

The technology of transmitting a TV signal over IP protocol has been around for a long time, but now this service helps TV channels - content producers – reduce the cost of broadcasting, and operators -- broadcast distributors to reduce the reception of the signal for subscribers. Now the transmission and reception of a signal in IP becomes technically and economically profitable for both channels and operators. Let's talk about why it is profitable to use the IP protocol and what stereotypes TV media professionals have about IP.

Stereotype: IP TV signal delivery is only suitable for subscribers. It is not suitable for channels and operators due to its quality and reliability"

The TV channel is interested in delivering video to the viewer in good quality and without interruption. If the channel is broadcasting in SD quality, Cosmonova can take the studio SD-SDI signal to encode it, and transfer it to operators in IP in better quality than if it is raised to the satellite. The channels that can send a signal to HD quality will incur significant costs to raise their broadcast to the satellite, while in the case of IP transmission, the cost of transmitting the HD signal will be just a little bit higher.

There is another side to the matter from the operators’ point of view. The fact is that many subscribers receive and watch channels in mpeg2, and even if the channel switches to the mpeg4 (HD) quality, subscribers will not appreciate the improved video, simply because their tuners will not be able to receive a better signal. And making two versions of the broadcast in different formats for transmission via satellite is truly expensive for any channel.

IP transcoding is more profitable and allows the channels to send high quality video

An additional advantage of transmitting the TV signal via an IP protocol is convenient and inexpensive transcoding, the uncompressed studio signal of the channel is transcoded into all the formats required by the channel and receiving operators - mpeg4, mpeg2 (for those who have the equipment working in this format). It can also be transcoded into any other necessary formats that the operator will want to receive for distribution to subscribers with different receiving equipment.

Cosmonova IP solution, the quality of the TV signal transmission via IP is provided by high-quality coding equipment, wide and stable bandwidth.

There are also scenarios for direct transmission of content to subscribers via the IP protocol: the TV channel can adapt the stream for transmission to any platform: Android, iOS or Smart TV application, as well as to the website (channel’s website, OTT platform) in real time.

Changes in formats and inclusion of additional services for operators – all this can be easily done in IP with just a click of the mouth a new channel can be added to the broadcast package of the operator. In IP, the channel and the operator can also view detailed analytics and troubleshoot their infrastructure, in contrast to similar expensive solutions for analyzing the satellite signal.

At Cosmonova we take the highly rated Ukrainian channels from SDI or IP by land directly from the point of broadcasting (studio, TV center, data center, etc.).

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