Leasing Cloud Playout for TV Channels

Playout is a software solution that allows the TV channel to play its content on the air (including ad units, breaks, graphic elements, etc.). It is difficult to imagine a TV channel operating without this solution.

Previously, the playout solution was a traditional automation system combining a complex set of devices, or a basic single-channel unit consisting of a standard PC with boards. Now there is a viable cloud alternative - the so-called Cloud Playout - which provides a scalable approach to the management of airing content, which includes video, audio, media data and graphics. Cloud Playout is a SaaS (software as a service) that can be leased.

Playout allows you to manage the content of the TV channel. This solution ensures the performance of all the necessary functions for its comprehensive use as a main tool for the formation of the broadcast. We will talk about two of its components - the playing of the content function, and the schedule of the channel’s broadcast.

Cloud Playout from Сosmonova allows you to upload content to the cloud storage, classify it by genre, with timing being determined automatically, and form the broadcast units of the channel's program.

Where Is It All Stored?

An important component of the solution is a place for storing content. In this case, each channel chooses the most convenient options. It is possible for everything to be stored in the Playout itself, in the cloud storage, or the channel can store only a week, or an arbitrary broadcast reserve, with the editors composing a broadcast grid from the constantly updated/uploaded list of content – whichever is more convenient. In any case, Cosmonova can offer storage space for any of the cases - from one terabyte to any desired size of cloud storage for playback in Playout.

On exit from our Cloud Payout, the channel receives an SDI signal, which is then encoded into a high-quality h.264 stream (the encoding service is already included in the Playout package) and can be distributed to operators via our delivery infrastructure, or decoded back into SDI using a special player to be subsequently raised to a satellite, or for ground-based transmission. For example, we provide the transport of TV signals both to Ukrainian and to foreign uplinks (points of elevation) to such satellites as Amos, Astra, Hot Bird, etc. The TV signal from Playout can be delivered by Cosmonova to any point desired by the channel.

Many Ukrainian TV channels have plans to switch to IP broadcasting, and gradually withdraw from SDI. In this regard, Cloud Playout as part of the overall solution for transcoding and delivery is more relevant than ever.

Uploading your content via web/ftp

Convenient storage with content classification

Formation of broadcast units from the uploaded content

Inserting live broadcasts

Overlay of the TV channel logo

Automated display of preview graphics and age restrictions

Formation of SDI and IP protocols for their transmission to broadcasting point

EPG (XML) formation

The functions of the solution as a whole and each item separately can be expanded or upgraded by the provider based on the customer’s technical specifications.

For more information about the Playout Cosmonova solution, please contact us at tv@cosmonova.net

Cosmonova is a highly experienced operator dealing with the delivery of a TV signal to the IP (delivering more than 45 channels in the IP and working with over 120 operators), boasting the organization of online broadcasting of such events as Eurovision Song Contest, World Cup, Olympic Games and other large-scale events. Cosmonova also provides a number of technological solutions for TV channels and operators - https://cosmonova.net/tv, its own Data Center, cloud platforms, Internet for businesses and IP telephony https://cosmonova.net/

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