COSMONOVA|NET entered the 2019 SEMPRO Events

One of the top-rank technology conferences, SEMPRO is a place where top-class SEO specialists and traffic masters meet in Ukraine.

World’s experts warmed up the audience in a professional manner, having shared their experience and insights on how to evaluate link profile properly to create and buy links, what formulas to use, and how to choose a correct SEO strategy for project promotion.

In particular, the experts discussed the importance of building PBN (Private Blog Network) to promote one’s own web resource, that being especially relevant for the low-demand projects.

COSMONOVA|NET specialists paid attention to the case studies related to Facebook traffic and settings customized according to various audiences/placements. Speakers focused on the creative input and understanding the way it should be used for the purpose of promotional effect.

Positive atmosphere at SEMPRO disposes in every possible way to the communication with colleagues and like-minded persons. It is the best place for exchanging project techniques and expertise of one’s own activities.

It’s worth coming here to that effect!


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