New insights in the Ukrainian live broadcasts: COSMONOVA|NET

In the XXI century, live broadcasts are a strategic art of creating target audience for one’s own event covered live. Spectators almost from any location will not only plunge into the atmosphere, but also join easily in the moderation of their participation due to the questions and real-time polls in the chat.

Capabilities of professional live broadcasts convert streaming into a universal feedback tool for the organizers of industry-specific forums, original workshops, academic seminars, cultural and sporting events, open interviews and teleconferences. Definitely, live broadcasts permit to attract simultaneously thousands of target contacts in a matter of hours.

Flexible pricing allows experienced contractors to present compact solutions for the customers within their budget, while portfolio’s quality will speak for itself when making a crucial choice of the initiators.

Studying expertise and vision of live broadcast potential in Ukraine with COSMONOVA|NET expert Andrii Koliada.

What will event visualization demand make in the short term?

A.K.: Over many years, we've learnt to be highly sensitive and commingle needs of the customers.

Key aspects continue to be mobility, high quality without any restrictions, and of course, a wide range of monetization opportunities. Customers often pay attention to the availability of advertising displays, possibilities to track broadcast statistics, proper media player’s integration with a web resource, and streams to several pages. Additional features of viewer registration system, simultaneous interpretation, interactive polling, capturing presentations and graphic design will boost the ambitious ideas of the customers for sure.

Supply being currently formed on the market by our specialists makes it possible to organize live broadcasts on the highest level, for not only forums and large-scale conferences, from several thousand participants, but also to allure as many as possible professionals for small-scale meetings with a few hundred guests. In our opinion, webinar and workshop projects with up to 50 attendees in a room will keep being in peculiar demand. In this case multicamera shooting and extra staff are not of great importance for the organizers.

What measures does COSMONOVA|NET take to maintain leadership in the long run?

A.K.: Organizing broadcasts on the Internet is an ordinary technicality only at first glance. In real life to ensure marketable quality, there are required hours of work of the specialists, thorough preparation and outside broadcasting unit facilities. Quantity and level of our events constantly keep the team on its toes, and we have many things to share.

Values of our team are not different from the general views of big companies. Being proactive at work, simplicity, mutual trust and confidence permit for years to build professional relationships with clients requesting such live broadcasts as ones of the level of the Eurovision, Olympic Games, and Yalta European Strategy (YES). Moreover, this is only the beginning of a long list with successful portfolio of the tight-knit team.

Our goals are proven track record that COSMONOVA|NET has established from the very outset in the mid-2000s.

What competencies should a live broadcast client have?

A.K.: The main thing for a client is to preset a mainstream, distinctive feature of a future event, to define target audience and professional speakers that will hold a certain degree of focus and attention on the location. When the event script, supportive content and presentations are consolidated, the organizers are ready to delegate authority to a contractor.

Nowadays COSMONOVA|NET offers large, small and medium businesses real-time multicamera shooting options, interactive graphical tools, advertising displays, chats, voting systems, multi-room screen broadcasting, teleconferences, multilingual broadcasts with simultaneous interpreters involved. We provide 360-degree shooting options, aerial videography using drones, video camera cranes and plenty of benefits for the most exacting audience.

Regardless of the cost of an event, we give turnkey quality guarantee and always provide individual support for each case. A customer should only approve top-priority requirements specification, as for the rest professional experts of the company will perform everything to a high standard of quality.


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