DEC 2018 International Business Forum: project case of strategical online broadcast of industry-specific event by COSMONOVA|NET




In 2018 organizers of the main telecom event Days of Electronic Communications turned to COSMONOVA|NET with a work request to organize live broadcast of business forum at the web resource

During three days professional broadcast team of the leader ensured a high-quality online broadcast in real-time mode so that all the players concerned could watch program part of the event.

On-site organization of the event included:

  • visit to the site and preparation of location, equipment adjustment, one day before the event
  • organizing internet connection point, equipping mobile television station
  • and three days of work of broadcast team at Jintama Breeze premises, Glibovka
  • simultaneous cooperation of 5 persons from COSMONOVA|NET Television Department
  • operation of 5 video tools (one of which is for work with time lapse, others for 360-degree video work)
  • use of our own software during the entire broadcast (playout/player at the website)
  • insertion of advertisements of the event organizers, partners and sponsors (pre-roll ads)
  • layout of graphical elements: break-bumpers between the sections and captioning made for the speakers

Revealing technical details

During online broadcast, experts captured video from the projector directly in the discussion hall and formed the overall picture with the help of video server.

Cluster resource was also successfully allocated on the Internet, band 60 Gbit / s (available option to provide code with adaptive media player for all platforms: PC, IOS, Android, for the possibility of installing at the customer’s website), broadcast recording.

Also, within the framework of DEC 2018 meetings, telecom leader co-founder and director Maxim Semochkin made a speech:

«COSMONOVA|NET TV platform is a new level of development of operator and TV channel cooperation»

by saying that he successfully consolidated the main points being currently on the agenda of IT&T pioneer.

Days of Electronic Communications organizers cooperate with COSMONOVA|NET team for years, broadly exploiting its professional potential, for the increase of influence of industry-specific event and engagement of new participants from all over the world.

We will be pleased to cooperate effectively with DEC in the next industry-specific seasons and we wish them prosperity!

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