Cosmonova's Wi-Fi At Naverniaka PR-Marathon
Cosmonova company provided Wi-Fi connection at Naverniaka PR-marathon-2015 where prominent pros of the country participated.
The event took place on February 12 in Kyiv. Russian word 'Naverniaka' can be translated as “for sure”, “definitely”.
Naverniaka PR-Marathon 2016 set a record and a new benchmark: audience of about 200 people, 3 Skype conferences, 19 speakers. In the audience there were marketing specialists, PR-strategists, communication specialists, media pros, SMM-managers, company speakers, and so on.
Obviously, there absolutely has to be quality Wi-Fi connection at the event dedicated to communications. And it was there — set up by Cosmonova.

Wi-Fi At Naverniaka PR-Marathon

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