FOL: engineering marvel technically implemented by COSMONOVA|NET

Nowadays fiber-optic link (FOL) technologies state the highest bandwidth, in contrast to other well-known data transmission facilities. Depending on the level of professional equipment, speed may reach Tb/s and this is the very technology widely applied today during the construction of different objects as a connecting pathway for every floor or separate utility section.

These are the FOLs that ensure maximum Internet speed, connecting workplaces to the highest standard, TV signal receipt and high-quality telephone communication. Transmission medium of FOLs, namely silica glass, exhibit unique properties of a low signal loss and a high electromagnetic interference immunity. FOLs may stretch for hundreds of kilometers, without additional financial contributions, as opposed to the technologies using electric signal. FOLs become widely used especially in the field of telecommunications and telecom providers actively apply them.

FOL construction requires the involvement of skilled professionals that will definitely ensure a maximum bandwidth.

COSMONOVA|NET has been successfully building fiber-optic links for more than 14 years, with its own telecommunications infrastructure in Kyiv numbering more than 500 km. Today the leading engineers of IT leader guarantee the best results of construction and installation works, without contractors being involved, with due account for all regulatory requirements and approvals.

FOL construction since 2004!

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