Data security is permanence of your business. We are talking about an important role of data center for the efficient online management.

The world entered the digital era that has taken business potential to the previously unimaginable heights. Management of huge amount of information and appearance of new threats, in turn, required fundamentally qualitative approaches to data storage, processing and transfer.

As regards solving of crucial modern data security tasks, the world community recognized data center as a single option.

Data center prospects are highly assessed by the governments, largest financial, industrial, informational and other agencies.

Today the indicator of stable development of data center activities in Ukraine is DC|COSMONOVA activity.

Since 2013 universal communications provider has been managing its own data center relying on the best engineering solutions and world experience. In 2018 DC|COSMONOVA is 4 server farms, cloud platforms in Ukraine, Germany and Netherlands, experience of implementation of unique solutions and large-scale projects.

DC|COSMONOVA is a great number of customers, professional team and international standing.

Who is in need of a data center?

A reliable data center is necessary to everyone concerned about the fate, stable growth and cybersecurity of digital business infrastructure. In the first place, these are entrepreneurs and management, which find it reasonably necessary to locate strategical data reliably, ensure full integrity of confidential information, high computation speed, and continuous operation of the uniform services, turnkey solution development and customization.

Above all, we are talking about Internet trading platforms, CRM, solutions for software developers, warehousing and accounting services, cloud solutions for the financial organizations, agricultural sector, media market and others.

Due to the experience of the experts, 24/7 data center service solves virtual and physical protection tasks for the digital resources better than their owner.

Projects requiring HIGHLOAD solutions, DDos protection and trouble-free operation of the applications become long-term clients of DC|COSMONOVA.

Commercial data center is a single option, isn’t it?

Data center is a real fortress. Citadel protected from any external effects and outside interference, capable of keeping reliably any "secrets" for a long time. Guaranteed protection against theft, information sabotage or hacking!

If a customer chooses colocation, functionality of equipment is ensured by the life systems with multiple redundancy.

DC|COSMONOVA provides its customers with optimal long-term cooperation conditions fixed in a full-fledged SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Organizing controlled access over secure protocols assisted to minimize the influence of human factor on the data center operation. Owing to the new online capabilities, modern business of the clients becomes truly mobile.

We can’t help noticing pecuniary benefit of the offers that cloud-based data centers make. In this case, it saves funds to be invested additionally in the creation, development and maintenance of one’s own infrastructure. Power of the resources may be adjusted upon request in a matter of minutes, while payment is made only for the services rendered.

COSMONOVA|NET is considered a recognized newsmaker in the field. In this year, we have launched sustainable fourth queue of DC|COSMONOVA that increased engineering capabilities for the new clients. The company has undergone certification of the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. Certificate of comprehensive information security system of secure node permits to work in the public sector. Our company was the first in Ukraine that offered international cyber risk insurance experience to its clients.

Nowadays COSMONOVA|NET provides a package of long-term services at the high organizational and technological level. There are the following options available for the clients: colocation, server rack rental, lease of dedicated server, lease of cloud platforms in Ukraine and Europe.

DC|COSMONOVA complies with Tier3 standard, level of infrastructure redundancy and physical security, it permits to solve contemporary business problems and challenges.

The data center have available persistent internet channels, uninterruptible power supply, special climate control equipment, multi-level 24-hour security system with biometric access control and video surveillance, monitoring service and 24/7 technical support.

DC|COSMONOVA resources are open for everyone — from beginner to expert. The company lives up to its reputation as successful one, owing to the new achievements in B2B and B2G segments. All official news of the Ukrainian market leader are available at:

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