COSMONOVA|NET at Be more human 2018!

In 2018 international sports brand Reebok successfully carried out the next grand hurdle race Bemorehuman with the participation of COSMONOVA|NET sportsmen team.

160 teams and hundreds of participants not only from Ukraine proved to themselves that they’re capable of a lot more, for the space of 7 kilometers of team challenges on the way of the athletes. Respectable 68th place in BMH 2018 ranking and just 2 extra minutes during chin-ups prevented COSMONOVA|NET team from being ranked among TOP 30 race participants that included experienced athletes competing along with amateurs.

The most important things that our sportsmen obtained from Be more human 2018 are exciting impressions, delight at finishing the race and undoubtedly – life-giving energy of motion! We are proud of our sportsmen!

Victories are ahead of us!

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