COSMONOVA|NET: we are turning a new page in cyber risk insurance in Ukraine!

Nowadays information technologies are typically at the very heart of any modern-day business, regardless of its size and target segment.

However, flipside of the essentials of successful business conduct is security and actual principles of protection against cyber threats.

Cyberattacks, corporate data theft, virus infiltration and software tampering that causes malfunctions of the digital systems: all of these fall entirely within the application range of new unique cyber insurance products for the company’s activities in the World Wide Web.

Without any exaggeration, "cyber insurance" is one of the most relevant tools of the efficient enterprise cybersecurity strategy. State-of-the-art product makes progress along with technological, operational and informational awareness-raising experience; it is oriented toward risk reduction and protection of a company in the cyberspace, providing a compensation due to an insured event.

Cyber incidents covered by the insurance:

  • DDoS attacks;
  • Phishing;
  • Cyber extortion (CryptoLockers);
  • Data theft;
  • Data destruction;
  • Cyberattack (obtaining IT system control);
  • Уничтожение данных;
  • Attacks on point-of-sale terminals;
  • Computer virus;
  • Hacktivism and many others.

COSMONOVA|NET Data Processing Center is the first Ukrainian data center offering the advanced world experience of cyber risk insurance to its clients.

In cooperation with our partner, Insart Insurance Broker, experts in the field of cyber insurance and providers of this service in Ukraine, we offer our Clients cyber risk assessment, international insurance conditions and insurance services of the world’s leading insurance companies from the USA and Europe.

Details regarding new features of COSMONOVA|NET DPC will be widely presented on the official website of the company in the near future.

IT-leader of new generation!

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