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In early 2018, the Ukrainian media talked about the possibility of large-scale cyberattacks, similar to the now famous malware Petya, which will continue to test the Ukrainian economy, and firewalls of national enterprises. In 2017, losses from cyberattacks reached 10 billion hryvnia. Сyber villains usually focus on energy, finance and infrastructure, which usually lack adequate protection.

In the summer of 2017, the Petya malware spread inside the IT infrastructures of banks, railway stations, postal services, etc. Thousands of servers were blocked, and the stability of the strategic institutions was facing a real threat, with some being completely disabled! Ukrainian private companies were able to resolve the issues the day after the attack, while government agencies - according to the media – only started to recover 3 days later.

Cyber thieves were never found, but the silver lining for IT optimists was actual experience, which emphasized the need to pay more attention to cyber security in the future. The majority of large enterprises began to invest heavily in professional services and data protection, as this is the necessary stage of further development.

COSMONOVA|NET stresses that the best trend in protection against cyber attacks is timely backup of key data!

Today, this is possible with the help of widespread use of cloud technologies. A cloud platform based on the COSMONOVA|NET modern data center in Kyiv provides high-tech solutions for businesses and entrepreneurs. A separate virtual server with the necessary disk size is created inside the COSMONOVA|NET cloud, and in turn, a user-friendly client is installed on your existing servers, or a PC, to automatically back up the data with specified frequency. From now on, your backups will be stored in the cloud, where you can access them at any time and restore the necessary data if necessary.

We also offer technical solutions - migration of commercial data to reliable clouds in the Netherlands and Germany, which provides additional protection, including that of the European legislation.

We’d like to emphasize that the COSMONOVA|NET cloud platform solves a number of technical tasks, without substantial investments in professional equipment and a whole staff of highly paid experts. A powerful team of an IT-leader is available to customers 24/7, guaranteeing timely backup and the highest degree of strategic information protection!

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