What should live broadcast organizers know? Key broadcast insights

International media market trends more and more actively show high demand for organizing live broadcasts on the Internet. It is explained by global growth of media content consumption, in particular video content, as well as by appearance of new sites for targeted content distribution.

Users of different age develop and get information mainly on-line, while video content and video advertising are effectively applied almost in 100% of successful marketing strategies.

It is owing to video content that a mass consumer has an opportunity to obtain maximum amount of information about product, service, event and its organizers in minimum time enhancing chance of success.

At the beginning, live broadcast format was available only for the expensive brands and full-service PR agencies, but as the technologies developed, the market became a widespread phenomenon.

Nowadays the lion’s share of this market is focused in hand of the medium and small-sized advertisers, given that things are moving much more rapidly in their activities than in the slow-moving large companies.

Broadcasts may be carried out on YouTube and Facebook platforms, on company’s own websites or landing pages. Live broadcasts may be commercial and image advertising, but more commonly, organizers try to take advantages of pay-per-view live broadcasts through modern tools of monetization. This is the case where efficient advertising display tools are necessary if your broadcast is performed directly on a personal web resource.

So you decided to organize the best live broadcast of a unique event. Define event goal, format and location, set an informational precedent and create, in the finest sense of the word, a fuss over the key event involving skilled journalists and thought leaders with their own audiences. Use mass advertising setup tools in the social networks preparing for the event beforehand. Thorough analysis of the competitor activities will be useful – having studied activity of the competitors, make your own product in better quality and larger scale.

Choice of engineering contractor plays a critical role in success of your event.

Pay attention to the potential of engineering experts that are able to arrange a live broadcast on a turnkey basis, as well as ready to give you a number of successful cases and recommendations of the customers. Precisely this contractor will take responsibility for full engineering support of the event, examine location, check available internet channels and draw up a detailed requirements specification together with you.

When the formalities are observed, the contractor will assemble equipment and verify quality of signal in due time and perform necessary tests in a responsible manner. At this stage media player code will be successfully installed on your website (in the event that you choose your own web resource as a place of live broadcast).

What are technical options of live broadcast worth knowing in the first place?

Anatolii Radchenko, IPTV Engineer of COSMONOVA|NET shared insider knowledge with us

As the experts, we are fully aware of the significance of any event, and our portfolios speak for themselves. Let’s point out the main points among live broadcast facilities.

Multiple camera shoot and shooting in 360 degrees, synchronized video capturing from a multimedia projector, Full HD video and transmitting it to the projectors in a room, adding pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls and various bumpers. It is also worth noting an opportunity to limit regions of display, automatic quality setting for each user (bitrate) and adaptive stream for different platforms, as well as graphic overlaying, captioning, interactive module and statistics gathering.

Using the experience and engineering capability of COSMONOVA|NET live broadcast organization as an example, we will cite several landmark cases for the readers, which open up new vistas for the potential organizers:


  • 2011 FIFA Events, 2016 and 2018 Olympics, for the first time in Ukraine – live broadcast of farewell, participation and meeting of the Ukrainian Paralympic national team in 2018;
  • Implementation of LIVE broadcasts of 2016, 2017, 2018 Eurovision Events and Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Tbilisi;
  • 2nd Munich Ukrainian Lunch, a number of annual meetings of YES (Yalta European Strategy) and other key events and specialized conferences on the Ukrainian and international scene.


In the foreseeable future live broadcast market will continue progressing in every direction. Stated projects performed by COSMONOVA|NET are one of the factors that speak well for the above.

We would like to bring 2018 Eurovision live broadcast frames from the official sites of the Ukrainian Public TV Channel UA:First to your attention.

You may find out more about ample opportunities and details of live broadcasts in the post: "We are unlocking secrets of successful live broadcasts in Ukraine!" on the Mediasat pages.

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