Speaking about internet for business purposes, TOP 5 key parameters from the professionals: Sergei Stognushenko, head of Internet-related sales department, COSMONOVA|NET

  • High-quality communication channels
  • Trouble-free operation of the network
  • 24-hour Technical Support Service

S.S.: "Above all, for business purposes internet means stability and uninterrupted operation. Since 2004 СOSMONOVA|NET has been providing high-quality internet access services for the legal entities ensuring highly skilled subscriber support on 24/7 basis. Length of fiber optic network is more than 600 km in Kyiv. Provider is present in the majority of Kyiv business centers and willing to render promptly competent services to the corporate clients.

Top 5 critical recommendations from the professionals: what should one take into account first of all when choosing provider?

1. Access technology
The most secure internet access option is an access via dedicated fiber optic cable. Choose provider that has its own fiber optic network.

2. Committed information rate
Operation of the office applications and web resource loading will depend on the internet speed. Skilled specialist will help to select optimal data plan with necessary rates, such expert should clarify number of employees, as well as Ukrainian and foreign resources you use most often.

3. Maximum serviceability
Aspect of higher focus. Choose provider that renders services to the business subscribers. Precisely such kind of provider will ensure committed information rates.

4. Responsiveness and availability of Technical Support and Response Service
Technical Support Service should work on 24/7 basis. Also, check if there is available emergency team with all necessary equipment, including UPSs and generators, for rapid elimination of emergency situations.

5. Legal compliance
Legal compliance is a guarantee of stable operation without disconnections. Check for license. "Black" provider’s client is running the risk of being isolated from the world; consequently, lawfulness of the activities is enormously important.

COSMONOVA|NET invested funds in its own city-based fiber optic structure, and that fact guarantees high quality and reliability of the services rendered. Being a member of all Ukrainian and a number of international internet exchange points, this provider provides its customers with high-quality communication channels.

In addition to direct connections at the main internet exchange points, COSMONOVA|NET has 4 international uplinks, ruling out possible points of failure at the sites of other operators. All provider’s service platforms are equipped with standby power supply to ensure maximum serviceability of the services provided".

Find out more at: https://cosmonova.net/internet

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