COSMONOVA|NET Data Center - Created and Working for Successful Businesses!

COSMONOVA|NET Data Center means compliance with the highest technical requirements, and the work of a highly professional team of technical specialists, well regarded by numerous Ukrainian and international business projects.

The capabilities of the data center allow the key customers to securely allocate telecom equipment while saving time and money since there is no need to design and construct special server premises, search and maintain a staff of highly paid IT specialists.

Rental of racks and virtual servers, colocation, virtual hosting and profile solutions on the basis of the COSMONOVA|NET data center are available to large corporate clients, SMB and even small startups, in Ukraine as well as abroad!

The priority criteria in the work of the Ukrainian IT-leader are TIER3 compliance - reliable Internet channels, advanced power supply system, availability of diesel generators, climate control equipment and access management with 24/7 video surveillance.

Cloud platforms of the COSMONOVA|NET Data Center and solutions based on them successfully solve the lion's share of the technological tasks of the B2B segment for large, small and medium-sized businesses, enabling enterprises to comprehensively manage strategic tasks on cloud-based solutions including cloud based mail server set up, virtual PBX with a wide range of features, storing system files and software backups, cloud-based backup. Accountants should take note of the convenient data storage and uninterrupted work with 1C databases using the 1C hosting service!

An excellent addition for businessmen will be the possibility of moving the crucial data to the COSMONOVA|NET cloud in the Netherlands or Germany, placing it under the protection of the European legislation, but provided with prompt and professional technical support in Kyiv.

The long-awaited, fourth line of the modern COSMONOVA|NET data center is to launch in Kyiv at 2/1 Hrinchenka str. in the near future!

The company’s professionals are ready to provide the future partners with all the necessary information about the technical capabilities of the national IT-leader. Contact us using the following phone no. +380443590000 and get a detailed tour of the data center to be sure in your choice of the COSMONOVA|NET team as technological solution experts!

TIER3 Data Center in Ukraine!
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