Are you in favor of doing business safely in the digital era? Then we’re going to you! DC|COSMONOVA Data Center

Real role of data processing centers cannot be overstated in the modern digital world. These are data centers (DC) that nowadays cope with the tasks of statistical, banking data storage, processing and transfer, run-time computing, as well as support of internet projects containing vast content databases. An example of steady growth and confidence in the Ukrainian digital environment is DC|COSMONOVA, Kyiv.

Technical Director of COSMONOVA|NET Taras Kozachuk gave commentary to

T.K.: "Since 2013 the Ukrainian company COSMONOVA|NET has managed its own data center. Being a universal communications service provider, we designed a data center having focused the best engineering solutions and world experience there. In 2018 DC|COSMONOVA is 4 server farms, hundreds of customers and well-deserved recognition in B2B segment."

Who actually needs to use DC? Could you represent your audience?

These are the companies that find it reasonably necessary, regardless of the size of infrastructure, to store and process data, use uniform services (corporate mail server, cloud telephony, backup, etc.). Data center is required for the companies that don’t want to store strategical data at the office within reach. In this case, it is referred to the accounting and warehousing services, internet trading platforms, CRM and databases. In particular, this includes financial organizations, media market, farmers, industrial enterprises, wholesale trade and chain retailing, software developers and a whole series of various start-ups. Among our customers, there are also web resources that require HIGHLOUD and Ddos protection, and the most important thing – trouble-free operation of the applications.

Why is it more expedient to use commercial data center services than to deal in the old-fashioned way with in-house hardware?

Above all, it is security of strategical data storage. Guarantees against information sabotage or theft. Data center is a secured facility under the protection of laws, unauthorized access is just impossible from the outside.

Data center means special technical and climatic conditions for trouble-free operation of server hardware, its professional maintenance.

In practice, many top managers faced a human factor of full-time IT technician or freelancer capable of leaving a customer for more lucrative job offer. The data center will offer you a full-fledged SLA (Service Level Agreement) and ensure necessary conditions for stable operation of all digital services. In addition, when analyzing today’s value for an average scope of necessary works per month and redundant facilities, the experts tend to the more advantageous conditions of cooperation with DC.

We’d like to mention that in 2018 Cosmonova LLC brought the new, fourth queue of DC|COSMONOVA into service, having significantly expanded engineering capabilities for the future clients. The company obtained Certificate of CISS (Comprehensive Information Security System) of secure node enabling to meet requests of the public sector, the certificate issued by the State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine. We are the first data center in Ukraine, which this year started providing its clients with international experience and cyber risk insurance options.

There is available range of services for long-term use – from colocation, lease of 46U telecommunication cabinets, physical servers (with private cloud deployment option) to dedicated server rental and a number of out-of-the-box solutions based on cloud platforms in Ukraine and Europe.

DC|COSMONOVA complies with TIER3 (level of infrastructure redundancy, physical security, reliability of infrastructure and architecture), it has 24/7 support services, persistent internet channels, uninterruptible power supply and multistage perimeter security system.

Thus, states the fact that DC|COSMONOVA engineering capabilities are entirely open for the professionals, from VPS rental to location of the infrastructure.

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