1С Cloud Technologies
The concept “cloud technologies” refers to a

virtual environment for storage and processing the information

. Cloud services are getting more and more popular among different companies because it does not require the maintenance of the own IT-infrastructure. At the same time, it provides the reliable conditions for working with the necessary computing resources and capacities. The main feature of this service is absence of attachment to the hardware platform and to geographical location.
Today we would like to draw your attention to the working with

1C cloud technologies

. 1C in a cloud is a solution that enables your company widespread access for business processes and provides a convenient work on a variety of devices that run variety of operating systems.
This service releases your resource significantly, because for the correct operation of the software it is enough to use devices with low computing power, including mobile devices. One of the key advantages of this service is the confidentiality of your information location. Indeed, cloud services are located mostly outside Ukraine, and, therefore their functioning can`t be affected by unfriendly individuals. Accordingly, this fact ensures you that your information is secure and your data is placed safe.
Cosmonova is ready to provide its customers access for housing 1C in the cloud. An important feature of our service is a broad network access from any part of the globe, as well as the security of confidential information and zero capital investments.
The main advantage of our cloud service is its location in several geographically dispersed autonomous sites, with all data mirrored between them. This ensures availability of the cloud in any situation, even in case of failure of one of the sites.
We will be glad to see you among our customers and our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can be sure that our service quality is an important aspect for us not less than for you!
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