What is B2B segment: COSMONOVA|NET as a striking example!

B2B (business to business) is one of the leading business models that enables companies to deploy further in B2C (business to customer) system, if to be more specific, sale of various goods or solutions to the individuals – ultimate consumers. In case of B2B model, it is always oriented towards customers solely among legal entities purchasing a product with the view of processing, optimizing and converting it into a new bulk commodity.

Ukrainian IT leader COSMONOVA|NET is one of the most striking examples for studying the operation of successful B2B model and this fact is evidenced by the key parameters:

  • Well-established customer relationship, high speed of direct communication channels at the main internet exchange points, more than 14 years of successful work in the market;
  • Providing correct arguments during negotiations, being a historic leader in a wide range of technology solutions, it is the best of the options, the result is effective and risks are intelligently minimized;
  • Customer support quality enhancing regularly frequency, with which technology solutions of the company are used, encouraging the increase of successful transactions through high quality of reputation management.

COSMONOVA|NET always highly appreciates time of the clients accomplishing the following crucial business tasks invariably in a prompt manner:

  • Reliable internet links, quality of interactions is refined, feedback is constantly analyzed, improvement and development of company products are being planned;
  • Trouble-free operation of servers, company’s own data center of TIER3 level, 99.98% uptime guarantee, prompt placement of equipment;
  • Cloud business solutions based on cloud platforms, 1C hosting and other financial applications, cloud-based mail server, reliable strategic data backup;
  • Data migration to Europe, cloud platforms in Germany and Netherlands, location under reliable protection of the European laws;
  • Solutions for TV industry, comprehensive technology solutions for IPTV, OTT TV channels and cable operators, company’s own infrastructure of TV signal reception and processing;
  • Favorable telephony services for business purposes, arrangement of corporate telephone network in an office, IP telephony permitting easy integration of telephone communication and in-house CRM system.

One of the fundamental differences in B2B segment interaction is permanency and long-term continuity of business relationship, well-organized data communications and increase of data interchange between the partners. Closer integration with a customer enables to form a single concept of joint strategic development successfully implementing a primary goal – efficiency of commercial activities.

You may find out more about specific B2B cases of COSMONOVA|NET Company in the following publications:

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